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Apprentice Spotlight: Koren McCollum

Koren McCollum loves being a VDV apprentice and takes pride in knowing that she's on the path to a great career in the electrical field. As a first year, second semester VDV apprentice, Koren is gaining valuable on-the-job experience with her apprenticeship contractor FAMCO.  She says they've given her a lot of trust and responsibility with the tasks she's been assigned to on the jobsite, which is a big part of the learning process.

"I'm learning tons at FAMCO as well as when I'm at WECA. It's a great combination of class and lab training while you work on the jobsite as an apprentice! I love learning and WECA's apprenticeship program is one of the best because there's such a comprehensive curriculum taught by WECA's experienced instructors. Combine that with jobsite training experience and I know I'll be ready with the skills and knowledge to succeed in the trade."

We know Koren's hard work and great attitude will take her far in this journey.  She says she's in it for the long haul and knows that this is an opportunity for a great career. Koren one day wants to own her own electrical contracting business. "WECA has put me in a very happy place through this apprenticeship program and I encourage anyone who loves to learn and work with their hands to consider the electrical trades for a beneficial career."

Has Koren's story gotten you interested in becoming a VDV apprentice too? Learn more about WECA's Low Voltage Apprenticeship Program and how to apply HERE