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Just In: State Legislature Score Card

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Below you'll find a "report card" that shows how members of the state legislature voted on key legislation last session. In addition to seeing how each legislator voted on each bill, the report indicates the percentage of time the legislator voted in accord with WECA's position (which is communicated ahead of time in person or by correspondence).
In general, WECA considers a score of 70% or more to indicate the member embraces WECA's core values of Fair and Open Competition for public works and they are sensitive to the challenge of being a business owner and entrepreneur in California.
We encourage you to share this Voting Record with your employees - which is completely permissible under state and federal law. You can do so by posting it in a common area or preferably, providing each employee with a copy.
In the event your employees are unsure who their Assembly Member or State Senator are - they can determine this here.

Download Score Card Here.