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Have You Gotten Your Copy of "Blueprint to California's Prevailing Wage: a Contractor's Guide" Yet?

Friday, April 12, 2019

If you're still grappling with California's prevailing wage laws, make sure to get your copy of the newly-released 2nd edition of our eBook, Blueprint to California's Prevailing Wage: A Contractor's Guide, today! 

Compliance requires understanding and applying a complex set of legal statutes that are ever-changing, and California is often singled out as having the most complicated set of prevailing wage requirements in the nation. 

Our 2nd edition is newly updated with the latest changes to California law.
Blueprint to California's Prevailing Wage: A Contractor's Guide guides readers through California prevailing wage compliance beginning with basic introductions, up through advanced wage calculations. This updated eBook is intended for audiences at all levels, regardless of prior knowledge. Anyone from the novice to the experienced professional, contractors to office staff, can benefit from this eBook.
Blueprint to California's Prevailing Wage: A Contractor's Guide is unlike any other prevailing wage text. Learning is made as painless as possible, and is facilitated throughout by a rich visual presentation, engaging infographics, and an interactive design. Instead of quoting the inaccessible language of case law, we bring the law to life through a graphic-rich presentation-helping readers to more easily learn and retain information about their prevailing wage obligations. Topics include: new registration laws, debiting already paid benefits, calculating predetermined increases, footnotes, holiday pay, and much more.

Current WECA member contractors receive a complimentary copy of this publication as a member benefit. It's easy to get your eBook today - just log in to your member dashboard to download an interactive PDF.  

WECA is also pleased to make our eBook available for sale to the general public, encouraging increased awareness and enhanced prevailing wage compliance throughout California trades. Visit our Amazon (kindle version) or Shopify (interactive PDF version) stores today to get your copy!