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1929 - 2019: WECA Celebrates 90 Years

Thursday, April 25, 2019


Celebrating WECA's 90th Anniversary
Celebrating WECA's 90th Anniversary: A
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The Western Electrical Contractors Association (WECA) is pleased to announce the observance of its 90th birthday in 2019.
Founded in Sacramento on April 9, 1929, WECA advocates for and protects fair and open competition in California's electrical, low voltage, and greater construction industries, and fosters its members' growth and success with unsurpassed business services as well as customer service. WECA also proudly trains, educates, and develops California's finest electricians and low volt technicians through its comprehensive apprenticeship and training programs and state-of-the-art, hands-on labs.
An industry leader within the merit shop and electrical training industries, WECA has provided Commercial Electrical Apprenticeship, Residential Electrical Apprenticeship, and Low Voltage Apprenticeship programs since 1992, 1997, and 2005, respectively.
In 2005, WECA won a three-year battle with the State of California to indenture apprentices statewide. This historic decision was a huge victory for California's merit shop contractors. Also in 2005, in response to electrical industry training needs, WECA expanded upon its course offerings by developing courses to serve the newly-created state designation of Electrician Trainee. This program - aptly named GetWired! - serves students across California with innovative online instructor-led courses paired with hands-on labs at each of WECA's three training facilities.
For 90 years, WECA has been honored to serve member contractors, industry partners, and affiliate members dedicated to the merit shop philosophy, prepare thousands of California's best electricians and low voltage technicians for a competitive workforce, and help lead political and governmental advocacy for California's merit shop industry. Our association currently boasts over 250 member contractors, over 750 apprentices, and over 4,000 electrician trainee and journeyman continuing education students. We are proud to be the premier association for electrical and low voltage contractors and their employees in California and look forward to our next 90 years with great enthusiasm and anticipation.