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2020 Election

Thursday, May 02, 2019

Rep. Eric Swalwell has crossed the three-poll threshold needed to appear in Democratic National Committee's presidential primary debate. The Bay Area congressman has gotten plenty of practice as he proliferated on TV during the Trump era.
Republican Young Kimlaunched her campaign for CA-39 after losing in 2018 to Democrat Rep. Gil Cisneros in the contest for the former Ed Royce seat. She rolled out with the backing of Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy and Royce. The DCCC sought to undermine Kim out of the gate by framing her as the choice of Washington officials, not Orange County voters.
Orange County supervisor Michelle Steel plans to challenge Rep. Harley Roudafor CA 48 House seat in 2020. She told Radio Korea Thursday "that she's been considering a run for CA-48 since the November election. That's when Rouda, D-Laguna Beach, defeated three-decade incumbent Republican Rep. Dana Rohrabacher by 7.2 percentage points." Story
The GOP challenger to U.S. Rep. Katie Porter doesn't live in the district: Should that matter? "And with three more Republican challengers already in the race to challenge Porter, D-Irvine, experts say Peggy Huang's residency could become a real issue for her campaign." Story