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New WECA Industry Partner Spotlight: Construction Happens

Thursday, May 09, 2019

It takes one to know one.

That's what Nick Attardi, founder of constructionhappens.com, was banking on when he started the eponymous job board for contractors and electricians in 2012. An electrician and owner of Fair Oaks-based H&H Electric with 14 years of experience under his belt, Attardi understood the stress associated with finding and eventually hiring experienced and qualified electricians.

"We know that there is a huge need for training and hiring skilled tradesmen," said Cari Loskamp, Construction Happens' sales director.

Unlike other job boards, however, Construction Happens really goes to bat for stakeholders on both ends of the employment spectrum.

"We build this connection and network to focus on local construction and local jobs for the right candidate that construction companies need today," said Loskamp. "And we are knocking on every trade school door, working with building associations and workforce centers to develop and build a network of qualified candidates that are eager to find a job or career in the construction industry."

And the passion for securing employment and employees for their stakeholders doesn't stop there.

As a WECA Industry Partner, "We are working on a paid semester program for student sponsorship, working with returning military veterans that need a job or experience, and networking daily with local associations and construction industry affiliates to help WECA members find qualified and skilled candidates," said Loskamp.

Furthermore, Loskamp asserts that "Construction Happens is not just a job board - we are your partner in the industry."

For WECA member contractors, Construction Happens offers a $240 annual membership that includes unlimited job postings, automatic email blasts to connections and partners, and a free banner.

What's more is that membership with Construction Happens also does good in the electrical industry community - for every 75 new memberships, Construction Happens sponsors a student at a trade school for a quarter semester.

"Call us - we can meet with you, partner up in a job fair, assist with job board ads, and connect you with the right people," said Loskamp.

WECA member contractors who are interested in utilizing Construction Happens' services may visit the website and job board at www.constructionhappens.com, or directly contact Construction Happens using the following contact information:

Cari Loskamp
Sales Director
Construction Happens