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California Sexual Harassment Legislation Update from WECA Industry Partner Cook Brown, LLP

Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Content provided courtesy of WECA Industry Partner Cook Brown, LLP

"Clean Up" Legislation Gives Employers Another Year to Implement New Sexual Harassment Training Requirements

by Regina Agopian & Lisa Ryan of Cook Brown, LLP

In response to widespread confusion about the timing of California's expanded sexual harassment training requirements, the California Legislature has introduced a "clean up" measure to last year's Senate Bill 1343. That bill mandated employers to provide one hour of harassment training to non-supervisory employees. It also extended the two-hour supervisory training to employers with just five or more employees.

The new legislation, SB 778, now extends the deadline for employers to provide anti-harassment training for non-supervisory employees from January 1, 2020 to January 1, 2021. Most importantly, SB 778 clarifies that employers need not provide training again in 2019 when they already provided supervisory training in 2018. But SB 778 also allows covered employers who have provided anti-harassment training to an employee in 2019 to wait two full years before providing refresher training to those trained employees.

What Does this Mean for Employers?

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