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Thursday, January 09, 2020

Richard Markuson

WECA Approves Expanded Advocacy Program

The WECA Board approved a new advocacy initiative developed at a recent strategic planning meeting. The first phase of the effort will feature a "Grass Tops" activity that will link WECA members with local officials in regions where WECA has permanent training facilities. WECA will pattern the program on WECA's current operations in Sacramento, where we invite local political and business leaders to tour WECA's apprenticeship program and visit with students. WECA plans to schedule 2-3 visits per month in each region - so please plan to participate when contacted by WECA staff. Although one of our goals is related to the growth of PLAs - the primary conversation will be about apprenticeship and workforce development. If you are located in the San Diego or Riverside vicinity - and know you want to participate in this program - contact Richard Markuson for more information.