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Behind-the-Scenes On Our Rapid Conversion to Online Apprenticeship During COVID-19 Threat

Thursday, March 26, 2020

For our apprenticeship classes which began the week of March 16th, we had a rapid and timely conversion to online delivery for Week 2, starting this past Monday the 23rd! Luckily, WECA has been working for some time, at the direction of our Apprenticeship Training Trust Board of Trustees, to increase our use of technology in the classroom and increase the flexibility of our curriculum. This foresight paid off this month as we were ready to go to take already-running classes online. We're going to work out a few of the finer details over the next few weeks, and then resume running apprenticeship classes as scheduled--but entirely online--the week of April 13th. You can get up-to-date details on scheduling for affected classes on our 
COVID-19 Advisory Page

Meanwhile, here are a couple of fun selfies from our Apprenticeship Instructors Keith Smart and Neil Pesarillo and their respective classes, as well as a screenshot of online quizzing, from this week. We appreciate their efforts as the first instructors to teach those online apprenticeship classes this week!