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Show the Industry How WECA Contractors Lead in Best Practices for Jobsite Safety During COVID-19

Friday, March 27, 2020

Show the Industry and the State How WECA Contractors Lead in Best Practices for Jobsite Safety During the COVID-19 Situation:

Send us pictures of your safe-practice jobsites for social media and industry communications

Dear WECA Members,
     We know how seriously you're taking the directives to keep your employees safe as they continue with essential work as specified by California Executive Order N-33-20 in response to the COVID-19 situation.
     If you'd like a refresher on best practices as WECA has compiled them, as well as more information about interpretations of California Executive Order N-33-20, please click here.
      We'd like to take the lead in showing that our member contractors are doing it right. Please send us pictures of your job sites that show off how you are keeping your employees safe. We'd like to put together a resource similar to this example from ABC Empire State.             

      WECA Member Contractors are known for their quality, safety, and unmatched skill. Let's take the lead and inspire contractors across the State to stay as safe as we do. Please send your job site photos to communications@goweca.com. We will compile and reshare the photos we collect from you.
         The WECA Team
Continued Call for Donations of Personal Protective Equipment

WECA continues to hear of medical entities across California desperate for Personal Protective Equipment. If you are in possession of PPE of use to California's front-line healthcare workers, which you don't need at this time for your own employees and job sites, please consider donating it.

Entities in need include:

www.healthright360.org (for monetary donations to COVID-19 emergency fund)

PPE Materials Donation Contact: Nawad Thompson
Email:  nthompson@healthright360.org
Phone: 619-822-9355
UC Davis Health
Donating PPE in person or by mail

Sharp HealthCare San Diego

How to Donate 

UC San Diego Health

How to Donate

University of California San Francisco Health

How to Donate

GetUsPPE connects those who have PPE with those who need PPE nationwide.


DonatePPE.org is a repository of Bay Area hospitals and their protocol for accepting donations.

This is a brief list which we hope helps point you towards an entity near you. Wherever you are located in California, you are sure to find a hospital, medical facility, or medical service provider grateful for your donation.
Contractor Resources

This compilation of resources for contractors was shared with us by our educational partner Associated Building and Contractors-NorCal.
Supplemental Health and Safety Plan to Address Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 (customizable template)
Supplemental Toolbox Talks COVID-19
Coronavirus Toolbox Talk
COVID-19 in Construction Workplace
COVID-19 Safety Meeting Outlines
* COVID-19 Toolbox Talks for Subs 
Fact Sheet for Pandemics
Marek Brother Toolbox Talk
COVID-19 Action Plan
Pandemic Preparedness - Coronavirus
Coronavirus - Workplace, School and Home Guidance
COVID-19 Tool Cleaning Protocols
COVID-19 Print Resources
COVID-19 Fact Sheet
United States Department of Labor: COVID-19
CDC COVID-19 Risk Assessment Flowchart
United States Department of Labor: COVID