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GetWired! Instructor Spotlight: Andre Lewis

Thursday, May 07, 2020

One of the things that we're most proud of here at WECA is that many of our instructors are former students - as is the case with GetWired! instructor Andre Lewis.

Lewis - born and raised in San Diego - graduated from WECA's Commercial Apprenticeship program in 2010. Prior to landing at WECA, Lewis gained experience retrofitting lighting for banks and warehouses.

And at WECA, Lewis "had the distinct pleasure and opportunity of being taught by some of WECA's finest instructors - like Rick Labon, Rick Mortensen, and Mark Milne, to name a few. And my fascination and love for what we do as electricians grew immensely into a passion which compelled me to give back via teaching for WECA, and to instill the same core values that WECA and their instructors diligently work at articulating and conveying to every student."

WECA is lucky to have Andre - who also works as a maintenance electrician at San Diego State University - as a part-time instructor with our GetWired! program; we are inspired by his unbridled love and enthusiasm for the profession and teaching.

"Every day brings a new challenge, which in turn creates opportunities for new ideas," said Lewis. "Working with some of the world's greatest minds and developing new ways of approaching certain tasks fulfills my heart, and building confidence by exuding enthusiasm when students seem to have lost sight [of the goal] is the joy I find most rewarding with every lesson taught - both online and during labs."

This is perfectly illustrated by one of his mottos: "Seeing is believing, and in most cases, only confirmed through practical applications."

Lewis continued, stating that "learning how to effectively illustrate the language means being able to paint a picture so crystal clear you could almost touch it. It isn't just a challenge, but another benefit to teaching online. These moments aren't just a driving force for me - but what I enjoy most as an instructor."

Looking to the future, Lewis said that he hopes to become a full-time instructor for WECA's San Diego training facility through "a continued effort of self-education."

And when not inspiring and educating students online through the GetWired! program, Lewis predominantly spends his days off with his wife Ashley and his three children - Zechiyah, Andre Jr., and Drevione.

Thank you, Andre, for bringing your passion, dedication, and sincere warmth to the WECA family!