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WECA's Popular 2-Day Exam Prep Is Now Available Online. Get Your Seat in June 20th & 27th Class

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Zack's teaching the June class. Grab your seat!

Many students are eager to prepare to take their certification exam--especially now that many of PSI's testing centers across California have reopened for appointments--and WECA wants to meet that need. In order to do so safely and easily in this era of physical distancing due to COVID-19, WECA has taken its popular 2-Day Exam Prep class online! 

Live Online Two Day Exam Preparation is an online, instructor-led, fast-paced code study course focused on using the Code book in preparation for the State Certification exam. 
In this class, you'll meet with your instructor and fellow students over Zoom for two subsequent Saturdays. You'll enjoy not only excellent, personalized instruction and the opportunity to get your questions answered, but also a ton of practice with simulated exam quizzing.

This course is meant to be a refresher course for individuals otherwise ready to take the General or Residential Certification Exam. Much of the class is dedicated to sample testing similar to state exams. It focuses on practical research by the students to find the answers to code questions rather than instruction by lecture. 
This instructor-led online course will next run on two subsequent Saturdays, June 20th and 27th. Learn more and secure your seat in the June 20th & 27th Live Online 2-Day Exam Prep here. 

Students who want a more comprehensive exam preparation experience are encouraged to enroll in WECA's GetWired! 404 Test Prep, consisting of 42 instructor-led hours, also all online.

What do those who have taken Two Day Exam Prep with WECA have to say?

Alfredo Franco, Exam Prep Student:

"Hello, I took the exam prep course in October (Riverside facility) and I want to thank you (Rick Labon, WECA Instructor) and WECA for giving me the skills and techniques necessary to pass my state test. The class was great; it covered a lot of things that I encountered on the exam.  I felt well prepared and walked out of the testing center feeling like a champ. This class is definitely a must for those willing to put in the time and dedication to study hard and pass the examination. Thanks WECA!!"

Kyle Walters, WECA Get Wired! and Exam Prep Student:

"Hey Zack (Wallace, WECA Instructor), I took my online classes with you and I took the test prep course with you back in June. I just wanted to let you know that I passed my test on the 1st try with an 87%. Needless to say I was stoked beyond belief. I wanted to let you know that the 2 day prep course helped me out tremendously. It really helped me understand how to find the codes easier & helped me not to panic because that was definitely the hardest test I've ever taken. I do have to say that the test is ridiculously hard, I swear that half the stuff on the test I've never seen or will ever probably have to deal with. With that being said I just wanted to thank you for all your help."

Dennis Farner, Exam Prep Student:
"I recently enrolled in the 2 day exam preparation 16 hour course for residential or general electrician exams. My experience was wonderful. The fast paced refresher course delivered a great amount of usable knowledge needed to pass the exam. The class went as scheduled. The instructor was very knowledgeable in the trade and code, a "well-rounded electrician," and a great person to learn from. He was extremely patient and fair towards questions, and was even willing to stay during lunch and after hours to answer any questions. I took the general exam 1 week after taking the class. I passed! I would recommend this course to anybody who is looking to take the exam. The school and instructors genuinely care and want you to succeed! I am very pleased with my decision. Thank you for taking the time to read my testimonial and great luck with your exam!"