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Get Wired Instructional Team Holds Biannual Train-the-Trainer to Celebrate Successes

Thursday, July 02, 2020

The COVID-19 crisis has completely reshaped our world as well as the WECA educational experience. However, WECA's dedicated instructors and advisers have met this challenge head-on and risen above and beyond—as was evident at June 27th's GetWired Advanced Train-the-Trainer Workshop (held via Zoom).

The biannual convening of instructors and the GetWired delivery team recognized WECA's GetWired instructors for their instrumental role in delivering traditionally hands-on lab instruction in an online format since March with as much clarity and as little disruption as possible.

During the three-hour virtual meeting, the team welcomed new instructors, lauded the success of WECA's new Live Online 2-Day Test Prep class, and discussed strategies for how to best conduct online and in-person learning safely moving forward, among other things. The meeting also featured delicious food delivered to participants courtesy of GrubHub—a welcome surprise to all!

Dan Bierly, the Get Wired Training Manager, reported that the meeting was “easy and engaging,” and that “all present were pretty positive and uplifting” despite the unique situations and unprecedented times in which WECA continues to deliver its education.

And Lead Electrician Trainee and Continuing Education instructor Galen Eckert also noted that “Everyone was in good spirits—we had a lot of input and engagement from instructors. Instructors continually brought up questions and provided answers regarding teaching labs online and being prepared for class. It was nice to see instructors talking to each other, offering support, and answering each other's questions.”

All in all, WECA's first-ever fully-virtual Train the Trainer Get Wired meeting was a success! Thank you, all, for dedicating yourselves (and spending your Saturday!) to ensure that WECA's Get Wired students continue to receive the best education possible, even in extraordinary circumstances.