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Demand for WECA's Get Wired! 101 Course is Off the Charts, So We've Added Even More Sessions!

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Encourage Your New-to-the-Trade Electrician Trainees to Enroll Today, or Use Your Member Discount to Enroll them Yourself

Here's a sneak peek of the kinds of concepts your employees will learn about in Get Wired! 101: the picture above illustrates a three-way switch, which controls luminaires in two locations. Luminaires can be found in rooms such as hallways, stairways, large rooms, and areas with multiple entrances. Students will learn how 3-way switches work, and how to successfully wire them up. (Illustration courtesy of WECA Curriculum Development Lead/Senior Education Adviser Rick Labon)

Do you have Electrician Trainees new to the electrical field, and ready to start their journey to certification? The first class in WECA's GetWIred series, GetWIred 101, is their starting point.

WECA's GetWired! 101 course: Fundamentals of Electrical Theory and Introduction to the National Electrical Code is currently all online. Your trainees will study from the comfort and safety of their own homes!

They'll get an introduction to electrical theory, learn about how the NEC governs the installations of electrical wiring and equipment, and so much more! But you--or your employees--will have to act fast, because although WECA has just expanded capacity in its October classes to serve even more students across California, demand is off the charts!

Here's an enrollment link. Your member discounts will automatically apply if you log in with your WECA account and enroll your trainees. Or, if they're paying their own way, they can still get a discount--be sure to give them one of your member discount cards.

(If you need a refresher on how to use your WECA Member Discounts or how your employees can use them directly, please give us a call at 1-877-444-9322, or log in to your WECA member dashboard to download your discount rate sheets.)