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But That's Not All--Check Out Grad Video, Program, & Messages from Contractors & Industry Partners!

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Congratulations to the WECA Class of 2020! It's been quite the ride to get here, but well worth it, so let's celebrate the culmination of your hard work and dedication!

WECA has put together a celebratory video showcasing our Class of 2020 graduates and their accomplishments over the course of their Apprenticeships and Electrician Trainee programs. Click below to watch the graduation video, and keep your eyes peeled for your favorite grad, plus some shout-outs and words of appreciation from our Member Contractors and Industry Partners. We hope you have as much fun walking down memory lane as we did making this video!
WECA Class of 2020 Virtual Graduation
WECA Class of 2020 Graduation Video
And of course, we have this year's graduation program for the Class of 2020! Click below to get a digital preview, and grads, watch for your printed keepsake copy in your graduation gift boxes, arriving soon on your doorsteps!

WECA Class of 2020 Graduation Program
What's more--we've also got some goodies for everyone on WECA's social media channels this week, too! Read below to see what to stay tuned for, and be sure to share our handles with your family and friends so they can also celebrate our graduates' accomplishments virtually.

Watch WECA's Social Media Channels all week for special features such as shout-outs from our Member Contractors to their graduates; video features; spotlight articles on WECA Northern California Commercial Electrical Valedictorian Adam Weiper, Southern California Commercial Electrical Valedictorian Michael Finner, and Southern California Electrician Trainee Graduate Nathan Price; and a sneak peek at the graduate gift boxes our team is packing in our offices this week to ship off to each and every one of our graduates!

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Watch for H & D Electric's Video Message of Congratulations later this week!
And last--but not least--WECA thanks our Industry Partners and generous donors who have long helped to build WECA's world-class learning labs in which our graduates hone their hands-on skills, and who go out of their way to make things extra special for our graduates every year. (That's a little hint at what's coming our grads' way in their gift boxes.)