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Employee Spotlight: New WECA Workforce Development Specialist Shelly Her

Thursday, December 17, 2020

WECA Workforce Development Specialist Shelly Her was interested in working with a non-profit organization and giving back to the community. So once she found out that WECA offered “students, teachers, and Member Contractors a rewarding, engaging, and collaborative experience,” it was a no-brainer to join the WECA family.
Shelly previously worked in sales with the Sacramento Zoo’s Membership Department and recalls the position as “a very fun job being able to interact with zoo animals and the public on a daily basis. Most of all, it was cool to see how much seeing a wild animal in such close proximity can impact a person.”
In her new role as Workforce Development Specialist for WECA, she assists with offering up information about WECA’s Apprenticeship programs, processing forms and applications for the Apprenticeship programs, assisting with proctoring the intake and testing processes and the dispatch of Apprentices, and more.
“I enjoy giving WECA’s prospective students, Apprentices, and contractors an experience to remember—whether it is giving information about the Apprenticeship program, or reaching out to Apprentices to offer dispatch opportunities through our Member Contractors. Simply put, I like knowing that I am someone that can make an impact on others by giving information that can change their lives,” says Shelly.
Moving forward at WECA, Shelly aspires to learn everything she can about WECA’s Apprenticeship programs, and become someone that coworkers and supervisors alike can depend on to get the work done. And with her “can-do” attitude, she will surely surpass those goals!
“My personal philosophy is this: do your best and have compassion. Tomorrow isn’t promised, so do what you love and help others as much as you can,” she says.
In her personal time, Shelly does charcoal and water paintings of animals—especially pets—and enjoys reading fiction in genres such as Sci-Fi, thrillers, and romance.
Thank you, Shelly, for being part of the WECA Family, and for striving to always give WECA’s students, Apprentices, and Member Contractors the best WECA experience possible!