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Behind the scenes at WECA's latest Train the Trainer meeting for its Get Wired instructor team

Thursday, January 14, 2021

WECA's Get Wired! instructional and delivery teams kicked off the New Year with the first Train the Trainer meeting of the year.

The meeting, which was held virtually via Zoom, brought WECA's myriad Get Wired! instructors and delivery team together to discuss issues such as how the GetWired! program continues to reach students across California thanks to fully-online delivery in the time of COVID-19, technical updates to the Adobe Connect program that Get Wired! instructors and students utilize to deliver and access instruction, how instructors can encourage their students to apply for 2021 WECEF Scholarships during the now-open application period, and more.

"The meeting was cathartic," said Dan Bierly, the Curriculum Development and GetWired Training Manager. "Each instructor talked about how Covid-19 has personally affected them. Some of our instructors have had very personal and serious Covid-19 scares."

Galen Eckert, the Electrician Trainee and Continuing Education Online Education Manager, concurred with Dan. "It was nice to hear everyone open up, and build some camaraderie amongst the group," said Eckert.

However, the meeting also had its lighthearted moments. Bierly relayed that "hearty congratulations was given to all Get Wired! instructors for stepping up to the COVID-19 challenge with increased students and different conditions without missing a beat," and Rebecca Archer, the Curriculum Production and eLearning Specialist, was quick to note that "a delicious lunch--of the attendee's choice--was provided via GrubHub gift cards." WECA has long known that a well-fed instructor is a happy instructor.

And last--but certainly not least--Ana Lopez, the Electrician Trainee and Journeyperson Program Manager, wrapped up the meeting with the good news of the continued success and expansion of the Get Wired! program.

Overall, the first Train the Trainer meeting of the year was a success, and laid positive groundwork for the year to come. We look forward to seeing how the Get Wired! program will continue to grow and succeed this year--all thanks to this large and diverse team's relentless work and passion!