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Instructor Spotlight: Bill Garr

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

New to the Electrician Trainee/Continuing Education Lead Instructor position, but not to WECA!

At WECA, we pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive electrical industry education—thanks in no small part to our talented, knowledgeable, and passionate instructors and staff. And we think that Bill Garr—third-generation electrician, Santa Rosa native, and one of our many talented GetWired! Electrician Trainee program online and lab instructors before recently coming on board full-time as Lead Instructor for that program—perfectly embodies these sentiments.

“I was highly interested in teaching for a long time due to the fact that WECA has the facilities and resources to reach out to the industry and instruct with great teachers, coupled with how awe-inspiring working with raw energy and construction truly is,” says Garr.

Garr states that as a teacher, he loves that he “gets to interact with and show my passion and excitement for electrical theory, construction and science; reach multiple people at any given time online and in the labs, and that having the classes taught online coupled with the availability of the hands-on labs makes our curriculum available for everyone on a personal basis.”

That, and Garr simply just loves “teaching electrical theory and code, which leads to helping people be better at what they do. My goal is to educate and inspire electricians, so that we leave and build a better place for all.”

It is, after all, in his blood.

“My grandfather and father were both electricians,” says Garr. “I first attended community college for general education credits toward an AA, and then I was a caretaker to my grandparents along with my father for a few years. After that, I joined WECA, took all the required Electrician Trainee (ET) courses, and received my Electrician Trainee program certificate with WECA.”

All this—and more!—made Garr a natural fit for the Lead Instructor position for our GetWired! Program, which serves Electrician Trainees and Journeyperson electricians pursuing continuing education. Garr lists two crucial traits for electricians—curious and always learning—in his personal philosophy. But he also espouses the importance of being humble, respectful, honest, adventurous, and thankful for all opportunities.

“I am very happy to have Bill continue with the WECA team,” says Galen Eckert, WECA’s Electrician Trainee/Continuing Education Online Education Manager (and a WECA alumni himself!). “Bill’s experience and success made him an instant fit to step into the Lead Instructor position. He has a very upbeat teaching style that both me and the students enjoy. I often refer to Bill as a ‘fan favorite’ regarding the consistent positive feedback I receive from his current and former students. I look forward to seeing Bill work with the GetWired! team in a full-time capacity! His positive energy and dedication to teaching will help greatly as our program expands and adapts to the future!”

What’s more—Garr’s promotion is ushering in a new chapter of his life, with his relocation to Rancho Cordova meaning that he’s leaving his childhood home and moving up in his career.

“With this new position, I am honored to be taking a leadership position so I can leave the electrical education world better than I found it. I enjoy teaching and inspiring people to become more than what they are. I hope to bring a new sense of teaching and learning to this environment and open more opportunities for individuals in their electrical careers,” says Garr.

We’re thrilled to have you as the new Lead Instructor for our GetWired! Electrician Trainee and Continuing Ed. programs, Bill! And we’re also honored you’ve chosen WECA throughout your life—from getting your education here to helping develop the next generation of electricians by teaching here. We look forward to seeing all that you accomplish in your new role, and the lives you’ll positively impact through it!