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Did you know that women make up 9% of the Commercial Electrical Apprentices in our AZ Program?

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Will you--or someone you know--join them?

Want to read a gratifying statistic? Women make up 9 percent of the Commercial Electrical Apprentices enrolled in our Arizona program at WECA's Phoenix training facility--more than the national average!

There are myriad reasons why pursuing a Commercial Electrical Apprenticeship through WECA Arizona is a good idea, but we think Laura Varela (pictured above) sums it up best!

Per her spotlight, Varela says that "The major perks of an Apprenticeship with WECA, rather than a traditional college education, would be the cost. Apprenticeship tuition is paid for by the employing contractor; the phrase 'earn while you learn is a big part of the Apprenticeship program."

Indeed--having tuition paid for by your employing contractor is the biggest perk of a WECA Apprenticeship program. That allows you to build your career and earn while you learn, while graduating with no debt!

Want to learn more? Click here! Or save our flyer below, which outlines more details for women interested in our Commercial Electrical Program in Arizona. (P.S. Lots of opportunities in our California programs, too!)