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Klein Tools visits WECA's Phoenix training facility; donates and installs shadow box of tools

Thursday, June 2, 2022

Richard Adinolfi, Manager of Klein's End User Division (left) and Tristan Lotz, Klein's End User Sales Representative (right) pose in front of the shadow box of tools they donated and installed.

Richard Adinolfi and Tristan Lotz of Klein Tools visited WECA's Phoenix training facility on Friday, April 29 to donate and install a shadow box of Klein tools.

During their visit, WECA Apprenticeship Manager and Instructor Keith Smart discussed the WECA Arizona Commercial Electrical Apprenticeship program with our visitors from Klein Tools.

"My overall impression of the WECA program is that it's a great career starter for people who are aspiring to be electricians," said Tristan. "I believe this program takes great pride in how they train and develop their apprentices to become valuable craftsmen. I foresee the Phoenix facility being able to keep up with the local workforce and sustain growth for years to come."

Tristan also said that he is interested in helping the WECA program succeed because "I know what it is like to work in the trades; having good quality tools makes the job easier and more efficient. I am also an advocate for blue collar tradesmen, and have seen firsthand what the trades can do for hardworking individuals and their families."

Speaking more broadly, Tristan also said that he and Klein Tools "Plan to work closely with WECA by introducing programs to help apprentices get started in their careers. Out of the several beneficial programs, the Klein Tools Metal Card program allows companies to partner with the distributor of their choice to receive Klein Tools at the counter of their distributors at a discounted price."

Thank you, Richard and Tristan, for visiting our Phoenix training facility. We appreciate your dedication to our Arizona Commercial Electrical Apprenticeship program and look forward to partnering with you and Klein Tools in Arizona for years to come.