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Employee Spotlight: Christine Hall, Director of Operations, celebrates 25 years with WECA!

Thursday, June 16, 2022

There is nobody at WECA with quite the pedigree of Christine Hall, WECA’s Director of Operations, with whom we're now celebrating 25 years with the organization! 
Christine started working at WECA as a receptionist in 1997. Over the quarter century that she’s been with the organization, she’s tried her hand at pretty much everything in every department– past roles and responsibilities have included overseeing the IT department, working in human resources and payroll, assisting with the administration of Apprentice health and welfare benefits, doing membership sales and support for Northern California and consulting on California’s prevailing wage, creating WECA’s existing internal database and its first basic website, helping to form the Electrician Trainee program, publishing the early years of the WECA newsletter, helping organize various events and golf tournaments, and so much more!  
Currently, Christine oversees the operations and administration of the Arizona and California Apprenticeship programs and Electrician Trainee programs, as well as directing the Client Services and Database Programming departments. She is also involved with special projects as needed, such as Apprenticeship programs expansions.  
“Many of my opportunities have come about because of my desire to learn and grow, and I’d love to continue to learn new things – whatever those opportunities might be and to continue to strive to be the best leader I can be. I really enjoy both personal growth and expanding my knowledge, and it brings me joy to share what I have learned if it can help someone else be better,” says Christine. 
With 25 years under her multi-talented toolbelt, it’s safe to say that Christine possesses unique insights regarding WECA. 
“The people [make WECA a premier merit shop electrical contractors association],” says Christine. “We have the most dedicated Board and Trustees committee, who are committed to WECA’s success and never allow for WECA to be the status quo. We also have a great staff team – every person cares about WECA’s success and is committed to making WECA the best, from customer service to education. And Terry Seabury [WECA’s Executive Director and CEO] is the reason why WECA has such a great team.”  
Christine says that there have been too many favorite memories or moments she’s been proud of WECA during her career, but one event that was most impactful for her and brought her the most growth personally and professionally were trainings that WECA sponsored her for – Leading from the Center and Going Deeper – both held by the Authentic Leadership Center in Rancho Cordova, CA. 
“These experiences were truly life changing for me and I will be forever grateful to Greg Anderson [Director of Human Resources at Rex Moore Group, Inc., and President of WECA’s Board of Directors and Chair of WECA’s Apprenticeship Training Trust Board of Trustees/Apprenticeship Training Committee] for taking the time to mentor me and introduce me to the Authentic Leadership Center,” says Christine. 
Christine further credits her success at WECA to her coworkers and mentors – such as former boss Diana Titus and current boss, Terry Seabury. 
“There are too many people to name [who contributed to my success]; I have been fortunate to have some great people in my life. There are two women who have been the most influential – my former boss Diana Titus, who was just an amazing example of a boss and human and is still a friend of mine, and Terry Seabury, who has been such a great leader and influence and who has challenged and supported me for the last 20 years,” says Christine. 
Outside of work, Christine enjoys spending time with friends and family, exploring the mountains around where she lives, and just enjoying life. 
Christine, congratulations on a quarter century with WECA! We are inspired by your “Jill of all trades” status and mentality, and look forward to the next quarter century of advancing WECA in the American West with you!