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Industry Partner Spotlight: Talent Corps

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Are you an Arizona Member Contractor looking for new talent? Look no further than WECA’s newest Industry Partner, Talent Corps.

Talent Corps, a Dallas-based skilled staffing company with a Phoenix-based Arizona branch, was founded in 2017 by Jared DeRuby, who is a fourth-generation electrician, construction staffing expert, and Marine Corps veteran.

“Talent Corps tailors its recruitment by learning first what the client is truly looking for,” says Mike McBride, Talent Corps’ National Account Manager. “Talent Corps specializes in tailoring unique staffing solutions for each client. We know each job is unique, so we don’t use a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. Our sales team will meet with you and cultivate a deep understanding of the type of candidates you are looking for and then pass those parameters on to our recruiting team, who will find and vet candidates before submitting them to you for final approval.”

To find and vet suitable candidates, Talent Corps sources electricians through job boards, job fairs, trade school visits, and leads generated from referrals. Suitable candidates are invited to come into the office for face-to-face interviews, electrical skill tests, reference follow-ups, and license checks. When clients put in staffing requests, Talent Corps’ recruiters sort through their candidate database to create call lists, decide on applicable pre-screening questions and tests, and call and dispatch candidates to jobs.

“Talent Corps is different from other staffing companies because we are on a mission to strengthen America’s workforce. We have three different divisions: Construction Talent, Light Industrial Talent, and Medical Talent. [We’re also unique in that we are] veteran-owned and veteran-friendly. Our CEO is a former Marine and understands the challenges of navigating newly civilian life. We make it easy to transition into a skilled trade and jumpstart your career as a tradesman,” says McBride.

Additionally, Talent Corps’ strength lies in its commitment to providing excellent contractor support through their local and national branch teams, and helping contractors accept more business by expanding their workforce. To that end, Talent Corps provides “very competitive pricing” that is “customized to meet the needs of each client” and makes a strong effort to never allow pricing to “deter any contractor from utilizing our services.”

“We are looking forward to partnering with WECA,” says McBride.

Phoenix-based Member Contractors may contact Brett Elliott, Account Manager at Talent Corps’ Phoenix office, via phone at (480) 482-7195 or via email at belliott@talent-corps.com. Member Contractors based outside of Phoenix or Arizona may contact Mike McBride, National Account Manager, via phone at (858) 229-0130 or via email at mmcbride@talent-corps.com