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GetWired Instructor Spotlight: Brian Ray

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Brian Ray brings an impressive wealth of knowledge and skill to his position as a GetWired instructor.

Brian, a native of Redding, graduated from Sacramento State with a master’s degree in English and a certificate in teaching college composition before completing his electrical education with WECA’s Electrician Trainee program.

“I currently work as a full-time certified electrician [for WECA Member Contractor H & D Electric, Inc.],” says Brian. “I have also worked as a bicycle shop mechanic and manager, a high school teacher teaching students to work on bicycles, a college English teacher, an English writing tutor, an English as a second language teacher in Rome, and several part-time jobs while I was at Sacramento State.”

In his current role as a GetWired instructor, Brian brings six years of education and experience in the electrical field and many years of teaching experience to the classroom, where he helps students learn about the electrical trade and how to navigate the NEC.

“My goals for working at WECA are to help students learn about the electrical trade and pass the California electrical certification exam. What I love about my career is that as a foreman for H & D Electric, I am able to teach trainees in the field how to do hands-on, practical aspects of the electrical trade and as a WECA instructor I am able to teach trainees the theory behind what we do in the field,” says Brian.

Furthermore, Brian’s personal philosophy is evident in his dynamic career trajectory.

“Work hard in pursuit of your dreams, and you will meet with success,” says Brian.

In his personal time, Brian likes to spend time with his family, ride bicycles, and ride motorcycles.

Thank you, Brian, for being part of the WECA family! We love having well-rounded instructors, such as yourself, bring rich and diverse life experiences to our team and students.