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Your Input Can Help Facilitate the Construction of 10,000 Miles of Fiber-Optic Infrastructure in CA

Thursday, July 28, 2022

Member Contractors: Your Input Can Help Facilitate the Construction of 10,000 Route Miles of Middle-Mile Fiber-Optic Infrastructure in California

Provide Input by Participating in the California Department of Technology's Survey by August 5, 2022

The California Department of Technology Specifically Requests WECA Member Responses

Content courtesy of: California Department of Technology

Greetings All,
The California Department of Technology is seeking input from experienced telecommunications construction firms to help inform the planning and structuring of a competitive bid process that will facilitate the construction of approximately 10,000 route miles of middle-mile fiber-optic infrastructure. A primary objective of the planned bid process is to secure the construction labor resources necessary to complete the planned project, enabling the awarded firm(s) to begin their own internal planning and staging as soon as possible. 

Recognizing that detailed designs and permitting efforts will be ongoing in parallel to the construction, the envisioned approach will award contracts based on estimated quantities for unit-based bid items comprising the primary scope of work, with individual jobs issued to the contractor(s) against these contracts as the final designs and permits are secured by Caltrans. 
Your responses to the questions below and subsequent discussions will help us to determine the best path for the success of this project.

Please complete this survey by Friday, August 5, 2022.

Complete the survey here (responses are anonymous).

Select your meeting date preference here.

Any questions or inquiries can be sent directly to MMBI.PMO@state.ca.gov.