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Have a Journeyperson You're Eyeing for Foreman?

Thursday, August 11, 2022

GetWired 403: Jobsite Management Skills Teaches Leadership Skills, Project Management Concepts, Provides Training on Construction Management and Estimating Software, and More!

Do you have journeyperson employees you're considering promoting to a jobsite leadership position? Encourage them to enroll in GetWired 403: Jobsite Management Skills, a 32-hour online, instructor-led and project-based course that focuses on:

  • Providing an introduction to concepts, technology, and best practices for project management, electrical estimating in a software environment, jobsite leadership, and communications
  • Exposure to digital construction management platforms: Learn to use Procore's Construction Management Software for project management and communications and Esticom Software for basic estimating using in-class instruction and self-paced video training
  • Interpersonal skills and communications with internal and external stakeholders on the job, as well as those under their supervision
  • Using typical construction documentation and resources on construction management software to plan, manage, and record the electrical work processes of a typical residential/commercial construction project
  • The general leadership and foremanship skills required for profitable and successful project completion

A few seats remain in the next class starting the evening of September 6th, online.

Encourage them to learn more and enroll here.