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Stay Up-to-Date on Prevailing Wage in California with Training and Tutorials from CA DIR

Thursday, February 9, 2023

Content courtesy of: California Department of Industrial Relations

The Labor Commissioner’s Office offers educational seminars across the state to provide an overview of prevailing wage and apprenticeship standards compliance and public works enforcement. Discussions will include awarding body responsibilities, coverage determinations, and prequalification of contractors, contractor registration and Project Registration (formerly known as PWC-100). Some seminars are focused on requirements for specific groups such as contractors or public agencies. Follow the registration links below for more detail about each seminar.

Click below to find and register for seminars.

Access tutorials on certified payroll reporting below:

Module 1: Contractor and Project Information (3:26) 

Module 2: Entering Payroll Information - Part 1 (3:10)

Module 3: Entering Payroll Information - Part 2 (4:13)

Module 4: Submitting Payroll via XML (4:01)

For more information and to find exact legal definitions and language please see the Public Works Chapter of the California Labor Code.