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Friday, June 30, 2023

Content Courtesy of Mineral

We’re excited to introduce Mineral Expert Sessions - a new collection of short, informative, and engaging content presented by certified Mineral Experts and subject matter experts! Mineral Expert Sessions are pre-recorded and take place on a recurring basis (with more topics coming soon!), so your clients will have plenty of opportunities to learn, refresh, and take away insights that fit into their schedule.

Whether they're just getting started in their HR career or an industry veteran, we have sessions to help ensure their business is compliant and ready to face the intricacies of the HR landscape. Below is a list of Mineral Expert Sessions your clients can attend in the future.

Upcoming Mineral Expert Sessions

Employee Handbook Basics: Part 1 (30 min.)

In this session, you’ll learn about the basics of handbook creation, useful for any HR professional, including contents for a compliant handbook, key policies to consider, and handbook acknowledgement.

Employee Handbook Basics: Part 2 (30 min.)

Learn about best practices for distribution and storing employee handbooks, as well as practical tips for maintaining a compliant handbook and guidance on how to stay proactive when laws and policies change.

Workplace Safety Program Foundations: Part 1 (35 min.)

Get ready to explore the building blocks to create an effective safety program. We take a look at the importance of safety to all businesses, how to craft a safety mission statement, and define safety improvement goals your company should aim for.

Workplace Safety Program Foundations: Part 2 (45 min.)

Learn how to leverage a safety risk assessment to identify areas of opportunity. Additionally, we’ll cover the process step-by-step, give you actionable advice for prioritizing safety risks, and provide guidance on how to design a safety roadmap. 

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