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WECA Member Contractor Spotlight: Lightworks

Thursday, May 16, 2024

Lightworks CEO and Owner Troy Dunnington

For Lightworks founders Troy Dunnington and Todd Walling, lighting, construction, and design are a shared passion.

Troy and Todd initially met in 1999 while both working for a design center in San Diego. Troy—then the owner of Lightz On—worked as an electrical subcontractor for the company, while Todd worked as the company’s Lighting Specialist. While collaborating on projects together, Troy and Todd experienced firsthand the “fragmented nature” of subcontractor services in the market—most notably how multiple subcontractors handled electrical, low voltage, lighting control, landscaping, telecommunications, security, and motorized window treatments during a project, separately, without communicating with each other.

Troy and Todd decided to address these pain points by founding a company that offered a more cohesive approach—Lightworks. Troy began implementing his passion for audio-video and lighting control into his projects, while Todd contributed expertise in lighting specification and design software, to offer unified systems to their clientele. Altogether, Lightworks stands out from its competitors by offering seven different disciplines—electrical, lighting design, lighting control, audio visual, security, surveillance, shades, drapes, and smart power—under one roof.

“We offer expertise in smart power electrical, lighting design, lighting fixtures, lighting control, shades, audio-visual, and security, and pride ourselves on being a comprehensive design-build firm,” says Lightworks. “We have established partnerships with prominent Southern California builders, architects, and designers, positioning ourselves as trusted design and consultation allies. We have also fostered numerous alliances with top technology partners, and garnered accolades such as induction into the Lutron Hall of Fame, Savant Ambassadorship, HTA certification, and the Lutron Black Diamond dealership.”

Lightworks is projected to achieve more success and demand in Southern California over the coming years, as the need for smart power, home automation, and more increases.

“With the adoption of smart power, battery storage, and linking power to your smart home, this will revolutionize homeowners’ ability to give visibility into their energy usage, while also giving them the ability to determine what course of energy can be used throughout the day—like pulling from the grid, pulling from batteries, or recharging from the sun or the generator in the event of power outages,” says Lightworks.

Additionally, Lightworks says that “Our thirst as humans to be connected means that technology becomes a bigger part of everyone’s lives both at home and at work. With more people working from home and more electric vehicles, there is more demand for electrical and technology being packed into houses.”

Thank you, Lightworks, for being a WECA Member Contractor and training your employees with us! We’re thrilled to be helping you develop a qualified, educated workforce to deliver the increased demand for smart power, battery storage, smart homes, and more in Southern California.