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New Apprenticeship Instructor Spotlight: Bob Boling

Tuesday, May 28, 2024


While attending Los Angeles Trade Technical College, Bob Boling held his instructors there in such esteem that he knew he wanted to become an electrical instructor himself someday.

Two decades later, Bob is now WECA’s newest Electrical Apprenticeship instructor! Bob comes to WECA with seventeen years of experience as a journeyperson electrician, having worked in the residential electrical, commercial electrical, light industrial, solar, and general maintenance sectors and for two years as an instructor at another educational institution.

As an instructor, Bob enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience with students, while also continually “striving to improve my own knowledge.”

“I am a naturally hard worker and I always strive to do my best and improve,” says Bob. “I intend to do that by using the resources available to me. In this case, I am looking forward to gaining as much knowledge as I can from the other instructors, as that is probably one of the best resources I have available to me.”

Bob’s philosophy is that while most learning takes place in the classroom, lab, and on the jobsite, students should also be open to learning whenever the opportunity arises.

“I would advise WECA Apprentices to learn as much as they can in the classroom and in the field and encourage them to learn why they are doing what they are doing. There may not always be time on the job to get deep into why things are done in a specific way, but Apprentices can always do additional research or talk to other electricians or instructors to gain that knowledge,” says Bob.

Bob also has a rich personal life outside of teaching. He has been married to his wife, Johanna, for 21 years, and together they have a 20-year-old son, Ari. They also share two dogs: Rocky (a two-year-old Mini American Bulldog mix) and Bandit (an older mutt). When not spending time with his family or dogs, Bob enjoys working on the house and playing music—specifically the bass guitar, drums, and learning piano.

We’re excited to welcome you to the WECA family, Bob! Your dedication to teamwork and leveling up your knowledge is inspirational and will continue to reinforce the rock-solid bond the WECA instructional team already shares.