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Apprentice Spotlight: Angelica Newby

Driven Student Navigates WECA, from EEFT Program to Apprenticeship 

Low Voltage Apprentice Angelica Newby hard at work with WECA Member Contractor Rex Moore Group, Inc.

Angelica Newby is driven, focused, and career-oriented. This first year Low Voltage Apprentice with Member Contractor Rex Moore Group, Inc. initially came to WECA, through the Electrical Employment Fast Track (EEFT) program--WECA's paid, hands-on skills training program for individuals new to the electrical and low voltage fields. But Angelica knew she wanted to be an Apprentice even before entering the EEFT program. "I'm a very goal oriented person," she states, "I knew that apprenticeship was my goal...something I wanted to pursue because I like to challenge myself mentally and physically."

Angelica specifically chose a Low Voltage apprenticeship over Commercial or Residential, not only because there is a high demand for Low Voltage Technicians, but also because she has always had an interest in data, CCTV, and security systems. At Rex Moore Group, her dedication and commitment to the VDV and FLS systems she works on hasn't gone unnoticed: she's quickly climbed the ladder from ET to Apprentice, sharing that she works as hard as she can, and welcomes the challenge of new projects.

In addition to having a strong work ethic, communication skills, being proactive, and detail-oriented, Angelica believes new apprentices should always have a copy of the current code book at home--so they can keep their knowledge sharp. Angelica also adds that asking questions and talking to your employer about advancement is a tried-and-true method to thrive in any field. Volunteering for overtime as well as working on a variety of assignments within each project is also a great way to build rapport.

As a successful female apprentice in a predominately male trade, Angelica has important advice for women interested in this field of study. She states that although it's helpful to "have a lay of the land before jumping into working relationships....Women can handle anything that guys can." She adds, "don't be intimidated, and be confident in your ability to learn and grow." 

Has Angelica's story gotten you interested in becoming a Low Voltage Apprentice too? Learn more about WECA's Low Voltage Apprenticeship Program and how to apply HERE