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WECA Is Actively Indenturing for our Commercial Electrical Apprenticeship Program in Arizona!

Friday, May 28, 2021

Seeking Commercial Electrical Apprenticeship Applicants in Arizona

WECA's apprenticeship programs have been called the best in the west.  High graduation rates; great reviews from apprentices and contractors alike; to-the-point, up-to-date curriculum and on-the-job training; and a dedicated, experienced teaching staff and administration all contribute to the success of these programs.
We're actively seeking applicants for our Commercial Electrical Apprenticeship Training Program in Arizona.

High Demand = Little to No Wait Time for Qualified Applicants.

Each apprentice enrolled in the Commercial Electrical Apprenticeship program works and learns under the supervision of a journeyperson electrician, gaining expertise in such skills as the installation of electrical distribution centers, panel boards, sub panels, conduit systems, motor controls, lighting, fire alarms, green and smart technologies, and temporary wiring in commercial buildings.

A WECA apprentice's school tuition costs are paid by the WECA Member Contractors who employ them. WECA Apprentices attend classes in an accelerated and intensive format consisting of full-time classroom training and hands-on labs for two consecutive weeks every five to seven months. Each two-week session is equal to one semester of classroom instruction. The rest of the time, apprentices are learning on the job...and getting paid to do it! No college debt here. This is the alternative path to a rewarding and well-paying career.
The Commercial Electrical Apprenticeship program in Arizona is a 4-year commitment to classroom and paid on-the-job training. WECA is actively seeking apprentices for our member contractors in Arizona and there is little-to-no wait time for qualified applicants. Learn more and apply today!