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WECA Electrical Curriculum Products 

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WECA offers complete curriculum solutions for electrical training providers. 

What Do WECA’s Curriculum Products Offer?

WECA’s solutions comprise an Instructor Guide with Resource DVD (or Downloadable Resources, depending on version) for instructors and training providers, and companion Student Workbooks. 

  • Instructor Guides with Resource DVDs
  • Multimedia presentations 
  • Final exam files
  • Separate Student workbooks containing activities, quizzes, and worksheets, and reproductions of course presentations with room for notes
  • Labs: step-by-step setup instructions for hands-on learning experiences, complete materials lists, and student lab instructions with performance checklists, unique to particular courses
  • Supplemental materials, (such as digital blueprint files), unique to particular courses

We recommend using our curriculum to train your own electricians, deliver continuing education classes to journeymen electricians in your state, or to supplement apprenticeship or other electrical training programs. There's no need for your organization to undertake lengthy and expensive curriculum development processes. WECA has done the work for you. Our roster of expert electricians and instructional designers turn out quality curriculum adhering to industry standards. Use WECA's complete curriculum solutions to increase the offerings in your training organization's course catalog.

Contact WECA at productsales@goweca.com with questions. Purchase on Amazon.