11 2018 WECA Year In Review/2019 90th Anniversary Year WECA was proud to launch two separate 32-hour exam prep courses, to help students preparing to take the California state Fire/Life Safety and Voice Data Video certification exams. These new online offerings, both designed around WECA’s innovative teaching of subject- indexing techniques for exam-taking speed and mastery, were first-of-their-kind for the industry in California. Both courses utilize informative presentations and sample tests to help guide students through preparing for the certification exams. VDV Exam Prep students gain an overall greater understanding of their field through lessons focused on the following: NFPA 70, Ohms Law, Kirchoff’s Law, foundations of signal transmission, fiber optic theory, CCTV systems, audio theory, intrusion detection, and access control, among others. FOR ASPIRING TECHS SELF-PACED, ONLINE INNOVATIVE EXAM PREP OPTIONS FOR THE LOW VOLTAGE INDUSTRY GO WECA! 1 2 3 4 5 6 9 8 7 # 0 * Fire Life Safety Exam Prep & Voice Data Video Exam Prep 2 unique courses, 32 hours each, all online, on your own time 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 WECALATOR® POWER WECA Products Inc. Network Switch experts and myself to take the guesswork out of what a residential electrician needs to know. We’ve replaced that guess work with knowledge gained from years of service expertise. All of the modules are based on tried-and-true methods which we teach through practice activities using real-world scenarios that residential electricians will actually find in the field.” WECA continued to expand its catalog of self-paced, online offerings with the launch of “Service Technician: General Residential.” Electrician Trainee and Journeyman Continuing Education students can gain 16 hours of experience in diagnosing and troubleshooting common residential electrical issues, as well as working with customers, in this self-paced online course. The course, geared toward current and aspiring residential electricians, includes scenarios simulating residential service calls, and coverage of “best practices” in how to: systematically diagnose problems, properly equip a well-stocked service vehicle, replace defective equipment, and submit invoices to customers. WECA’s Senior Education Advisor and Curriculum Development Lead, Rick Labon, designed the course to effectively teach students the proper methods and practices to succeed as service technicians. Labon explains, “There have been very few training resources out there for someone seeking the skills a residential electrician needs to become a successful service technician. That means, historically, residential electricians have had to rely upon trial-and-error learning, which is neither a safe nor economical way of acquiring the necessary skills. This “Service Technician - General Residential” course has been designed by WECA’s subject matter FOR TRAINEES & JOURNEYMEN SELF-PACED, ONLINE NEW RESIDENTIAL COURSE LAUNCHED Service Technician – General Residential Customer Relations Invoicing Diagnosing Equipment A 16-hour, self-paced online course