5 2018 WECA Year In Review/2019 90th Anniversary Year 1980S Prominent in the fight against the unions was Edward J. Miltner, a member who resisted the IBEW unl his business went bankrupt. Sadly, he died before seeing an end to the conflict, but his legacy lives on with the WECA Man of the Year Award founded in his honor. In 1990, the Sacramento Valley Chapter of NECA was ended, and the membership changed the name of the Associaon to “Western Electrical Contractors Associaon, Inc.” (WECA). WECA doubled down on managing local and naonal priories for a rapidly growing membership as well as establishing its Commercial Apprence, and Residenal Apprence programs in 1992 and 1998 respecvely. It also began its Government Relaons & Polical Acon Commi†ee in 1997. 1990S 2000 - 2010 The Department of Labor approved WECA to federally indenture apprences. WECA also won the right to train apprences statewide. The WECA Board of Directors hired Terry Seabury as the Execuve Director and CEO. WECA opened its San Diego and Riverside Training Facilies as well. The Low Voltage Apprence Training Program was also approved. Get Wired!, WECA’s non-apprenceship Electrician Trainee training program launched in 2005 as well. WECA’s self-paced, online curriculum launched in 2012 and connues to grow during this me with eight new course offerings, allowing students anyme, anywhere learning opons. In 2016, WECA released "Blueprint to California’s Prevailing Wage: A Contractor's Guide," an eBook which guides readers through California prevailing wage compliance and in 2019 released the 2nd edion with updated informaon on Prevailing Wage Law in California. 2010 - 2018 TODAY April 9,2019 marked the 90th anniversary of WECA with over 250 companies dedicated to the Merit Shop philosophy, 700+ Commercial Electrical, Residenal Electrical, and Low Voltage apprences, and over 4,000 Electrician Trainees, making WECA the largest provider of electrical educaon in California.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   WECA’s Apprenceship Curriculum Development and Instruconal Teams connue to explore and plan to integrate advanced learning and industry technologies into apprence learning experiences. The WECA Polical Acon Commi†ee and Polical Acon Fund look forward to connuing their fight for the Merit Shop contractors of California. WECA looks forward to future challenges and opportunies with opmism and confidence. THE FUTURE