12 2018 WECA Year In Review/2019 90th Anniversary Year We could not do what we do here at WECA without the help of our dedicated members and industry partners. Please join us in saying ‘thank you’ to the individuals and companies that help make WECA’s state-of-the-art labs and comprehensive, hands-on education the best in the State of California. And the 2017-2018 Lab Donation MVP award went to....*drum roll*.... Platt Electric Supply! Platt has been a longtime generous donor in support of WECA apprenticeship and training. In addition to Platt, we also want to thank all of the donors who loaded the bases in 2017-18 and made electrical education a home run. Other donors on the scoreboard include: Western Tube and Conduit, Ideal Industries, Milwaukee Tool, Klein Tools, Thomas & Betts, Construction Innovations, Valance Staffing Group, and St. Denis Electric. “We would like to thank everyone who has donated supplies and equipment to us. These donations really contribute to the educational excellence here at WECA. It is truly a team effort when it comes to shaping the next generation of electricians,” said Jimmie Slemp, WECA’s lead instructor and lab facilities manager. The 2018-19 competition is already well underway! Already in competion with spots on the scoreboard are Platt Electric Supply, Western Tube and Conduit, Ideal Industries, Howell Multimedia, and Klein Tools. There’s still plenty of time left this year to support electrical and low voltage education at WECA and claim your spot on the 2018- 19 scoreboard with a donation of money or materials! GIVING UPDATE DONATIONS BOLSTER SUCCESS LAB DONATIONS AND INDUSTRY SUPPORT WECA Curriculum Development Managers Tom Thompson and Dan Bierly designed the course to effectively teach students the proper methods and practices to successfully pass the VDV certification exam. Thompson explains, “There are no other online courses on the market today that match the breadth and depth of this program. It not only covers all the topics included in the test, but it goes deeply into the relevant details of each system. It even teaches students how to quickly find answers to code questions using the NEC and familiarizes students with the terminology used in Low Voltage reference manuals.” Fire/Life Safety Exam Prep students prepare for the exam by delving into the National Electrical Code (NFPA 70), the National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code (NFPA 72), laws such as Ohms Law and Kirchoff’s Law, and reviews of symbols, diagrams, and photovoltaic systems with backup power. Thompson and Bierly designed the course to teach students a systematic method for conquering the exam. Thompson explains, “This curriculum doesn’t merely prepare students for the exam by memorization; it teaches them how to use the most recognized resources in the industry to find the solutions.” Student understanding and comprehension are supported strongly with WECA’s use of subject indexing as a strategy providing them with an effective way into, and through, the densely packed NFPA Codes. Borrowed from the world of academics, and viewed as a highly effective learning tool, the subject indexing approach is unique in the world of trades education. See Page 13 for Scoreboards