5 2018 WECA Year In Review/2019 90th Anniversary Year WECA contractor membership grew nearly 10% with an additional 23 members and 4 industry partners in 2018-2019. MEMBER GROWTH 10% INCREASE WECA’s Apprenticeship and training program saw continued growth in 2018 with 8% more apprentices training throughout our three programs. APPRENTICE ENROLLMENT GROWTH 8% INCREASE WECA’s social media channels continued having strong growth in 2018-2019 with 66% growth in followers on Instagram, 13% increase in followers on LinkedIn, 10.8% increase on Facebook, and a 10% increase on Twitter. 66% INCREASE 13% INCREASE 10.8% INCREASE 10% INCREASE @GOWECA @GOWECA WESTERN- ELECTRICAL- CONTRACTORS- ASSOCIATION- INC- @WECA_INC Electrician Trainees continue to flock to the Get Wired! program with a 15% increase in students from 2018-2019. ELECTRICIAN TRAINEE ENROLLMENT GROWTH 15% INCREASE Journeyman enrollment grew over 15%. JOURNEYMAN ENROLLMENT GROWTH 15% INCREASE WECA HIGHLIGHTS ASSOCIATION WECA HIGHLIGHTS SOCIAL MEDIA WECA HIGHLIGHTS APPRENTICESHIP & TRAINING