launched the Humboldt Workforce Development Campaign in March, 2019. The campaign aims to recruit eligible apprentices, journeymen, and electrician trainees in Humboldt, Butte, Shasta, and Trinity counties in the wake of the 2018 Camp and Carr Fires. WECA’s Outreach team was thrilled to welcome new apprenticeship recruiter Diane Trotter in January, 2019, and her addition to the team has quickly resulted in increased representation of WECA at career events across the State! have the proper experience to operate lifts on job sites as necessary. Low voltage program instructor Neil Pesarillo says “it’s a lot safer utilizing a lift as opposed to using a ladder [to get to high install spaces].” Highlights from our Northern California and Southern California Graduation ceremonies were captured on film, commemorating the joyous occasion that our apprentices and electrician trainees experienced as they were handed their diplomas. Dan Bierly, WECA’s Curriculum Development and Get Wired Training Manager, gives viewers a little insight about his background in the electrical field and how the Get Wired program benefits students. Tom Thompson, WECA’s Curriculum Development Manager discusses our three apprenticeship programs, highlighting the different jobs that apprentices will focus on when persuing a Commercial, Residential, or Low Voltage Apprenticeship. Instructor and Lab Manager Jimmie Slemp looks back at his 15 years teaching at WECA, highlighting his favorite things about WECA with guest 14 2018 WECA Year In Review/2019 90th Anniversary Year NEW VIDEOS OVER 2000 VIEWS IN 6 MONTHS 7 NEW VIDEOS DRAW VIEWS ON YOUTUBE WECA’s Youtube Channel added seven new videos in 2018, highlighting Apprenticeship Lift Training, Northern California Graduation, Get Wired! Instructor Dan Bierly, Southern California Graduation, WECA’s Three Apprenticeship Programs, a Look Back at Jimmie Slemp’s Fifteen Years of Teaching, and our 90th Anniversary Celebration video. These videos garnered over 2000 views throughout 2018, enhancing WECA’s presence on Youtube. Our Apprenticeship Lift Training video highlights the training that students in the apprenticeship programs participate in to learn how to properly operate and control various types of lifts. This ensures that they