6 2018 WECA Year In Review/2019 90th Anniversary Year WECA’s Commercial and Residential apprenticeship programs received college credit recommendations from the National College Credit Recommendation Service (NCCRS) in the autumn of 2018. This benefit provides WECA commercial and residential electrical apprentice graduates the ability to gain access to college credit for completion of either program by using credit recommendations set forth by NCCRS. “WECA is thrilled to extend this opportunity to our apprentices and graduates,” said Terry Seabury, WECA’s Executive Director and CEO. “We know that some of our graduates choose to pursue additional higher education at traditional colleges and universities in fields such as construction management, and these college credit recommendations from NCCRS may allow them to receive substantial credits for the programs they’ve already completed at WECA. We view these NCCRS college credit recommendations as further evidence of the educational quality and vigor of our apprenticeship programs.” NCCRS, meanwhile, “is pleased to recommend college credit for WECA’s commercial and residential electrical apprenticeship courses,” PROGRAM UPDATE COMMERCIAL & RESIDENTIAL PROGRAMS NCCRS COLLEGE CREDIT GAINED RECOMMENDATIONS NCCRS Director Lisa Sax Mahoney said. “Through our professional evaluations, we continue to support the recognition of high-quality workforce training programs delivered by qualified organizations across the country.” NCCRS, founded in 1973 by the Board of Regents of the University of the State of New York, strives to increase access to higher education through recognition of non-collegiate learning. Using an academic peer review model, NCCRS conducts independent, third-party evaluations of courses and examinations to determine their comparability to college-level learning. Courses and examinations that meet appropriate standards receive college credit recommendations which are listed within CCRS Online, a web directory maintained by NCCRS. Apprentices and graduates who have graduated from a WECA Commercial or Residential Electrical apprenticeship since September of 2013 are eligible to pursue credit for their WECA program completion at the college or university of their choice. It is up to the college or university to choose whether to grant college credits, how many, and in what subjects. NCCRS recommends specific credit amounts and subjects in relation to WECA’s program, and recommends up to 66