Dear WECA Members, Please join me in celebrating an association which has— for 90 years—trained, educated, and developed the finest electricians and low voltage technicians in California. An association that advocates for and protects fair and open competition in the electrical, low voltage, and greater construction industries in California, and which does everything it can to foster its members’ growth and success. An association made up of contractors who understand the value of training, and who make a point of investing in their employees, resulting in improved retention, quality, productivity, and safety. We’re celebrating WECA’s 90th birthday this year, and I couldn’t be prouder to be part of the association for this momentous occasion. I know many of you find it gratifying to be involved as well; whether by serving as a board, committee, or task force member; or actively participating in our member events. If you’ve been thinking of getting more involved in the association—what better year than this? It’s gratifying to look back and see all that we’ve achieved in 90 years. We began as the Electrical Contractors and Dealer Association of Sacramento on April 9, 1929, and established ourselves as the Western Electrical Contractors Association, Inc. in 1990. We established our Commercial Electrical Apprentice Training Program in 1992, began our Governmental Advocacy program as well as Political Action Committee in 1997, received approval for our Residential Electrical Apprenticeship Program in 1998, and our Low Voltage Apprentice Training Program in 2005—the same year that we, after a three-year battle, won the right to indenture apprentices statewide in California. This approval was a historic move by the California Apprenticeship Council as well as a huge victory for California Merit Shop contractors. The WECA Board of Directors brought me on in 2002, and I’ve seen WECA take on an ambitious initiative of creating original, industry-leading curriculum for all of our apprenticeship and training programs. In this time, we’ve also expanded by opening our San Diego and Riverside training facilities. In 2005, to serve the newly-created State designation of Electrician Trainee, we established GetWired!, our online, instructor-led program; and also established continuing education offerings for journeymen electricians. In 2012, we further expanded our training offerings by launching original, self-paced online training for all of these students, giving them an even more convenient, anytime, anywhere learning option. Our innovative online learning now reaches more corners of California— and a greater number of students—than any other electrical training provider in the State, and we continually look for ways to reach more. In just this past year, our Commercial and Residential Electrical apprenticeship programs received credit recommendations from the National College Credit Recommendation Service (NCCRS), which allows WECA graduates who pursue traditional college to petition for semester credits for their WECA education. For 90 years, WECA has been honored to serve our member contractors, industry partners, and affiliate members dedicated to the merit shop philosophy, prepare thousands of California’s best electricians and low voltage technicians for a competitive workforce, and help lead political and governmental advocacy for California’s merit shop industry. Our association currently serves over 250 member contractors, over 750 apprentices, and over 4,000 electrician trainee and journeyman continuing education students. It’s with the guidance and support of our Boards of Directors and Trustees, as well as that of all our members, that we have achieved all of this. Come and see us—tour our facilities, audit a class and see what your apprentices or trainees are learning, give us feedback on your work in the field and help us keep our curriculum leading-edge for you and your employees. We’re looking forward to our next 90 years in service to you. With enthusiasm and anticipation, Terry Seabury Terry Seabury, WECA’s Executive Director and CEO