4 2018 WECA Year In Review/2019 90th Anniversary Year 1920S The Western Electrical Contractors Associaon, Inc. (WECA) was first established as the Electrical Contractors and Dealer Associaon of Sacramento on April 9, 1929. Affiliated with the Associaon of Electragists Internaonal (now known as NECA); in December 1929, the Associaon’s name was changed to the Sacramento Electragists and, subsequently, to the Western Electrical Contractors Associaon, Inc. in 1990. The Associaon incorporated on October 28, 1937, with these illustrious names appearing prominently in the Arcles of Incorporaon: Rex Moore, E.L. French, George C. Foss, J.D. O’Connor, C.E. Vorlander, Sam Bisse˜, and C.S. Donley. These early partnerships connue to define our Associaon. 1930S 1940S In 1946 WECA was chartered as the Sacramento Valley Chapter, NECA (formerly the Associaon of Electragists Internaonal). The Associaon suffered a tragic loss in July 1958 when WECA’s greatly respected inaugural manager, Bill Welch, died in an automobile accident. He’d logged in nearly 30 years of devoted service, but it was sll too soon to say good-bye. 1950S 1960S WECA opened its Sacramento office on Elvas Avenue in 1960. This coincided with Kenneth W. Carlson’s tenure as Associaon Manager from 1961 through1990. He was instrumental in securing an historical place for WECA in the electrical industry. Strikes and pressure from organized labor defined the next decade, but WECA stayed true to its values, refusing to give in to the threats that jeopardized our charter. The Associaon, along with its charter members, aligned behind their mission to elevate the principles of the Merit Shop electrical industry. 1970S 90 YEARS OF