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First-year WECA Commercial Electrical Apprentice Sheila Moles cites “always being fascinated by electricity and how things work” as her motivation for pursuing a career as a commercial electrician through WECA and Member Contractor Ferrari Development, Inc.  

Thus far, Sheila says that her experience with WECA has been good and noted that everyone she has met has been very helpful. 

“The advantage of WECA is all of the benefits that you get and having people behind you every step of the way to success,” says Sheila. “My success and best interest is supported by WECA, and the WECA team has been on it. They have answered every question I’ve had.”   

Although her journey’s just begun, Sheila says that being an electrician has changed her life. 

“I feel more self-sufficient and that I am contributing to the world in a necessary trade,” says Sheila. “I am learning as much as I possibly can every chance I get. And there’s something about the work that makes me feel proud after finishing a task or a project. I enjoy problem-solving and giving it my all.” 

Sheila also notes that “Being in this field as a woman—a gay woman—is an experience. I’m growing and learning every day to keep my confidence in myself and my work. Just as life is, things happen around us and we can flow through knowing who we are. I’m very grateful to have my support system. I also think more women should join the field because we are able. We can motivate and support each other through the hard times and celebrate the successes.” 

Sheila, thank you for being part of the WECA family. We’re honored to be able to support you in your endeavors and look forward to celebrating your success with you!