Western Electrical Contractors Association, Inc.

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Mission and Vision

  • To train, educate and develop the current and future skilled trades workforce. 
  • To influence and alter the political environment to ensure fair and open competition in the electrical and related Industries.

Our Core Values

CONTRACTOR DRIVEN: Your voice determines our direction.
PROACTIVE: We take the initiative to meet Customer’s needs.
CUSTOMER-CENTRIC: Everything we do is because of YOU.
FLEXIBLE: We are open and responsive to change.
CARING: If it means a lot to you, it means a lot to us.
KNOWLEDGEABLE: We’re a reliable source you can count on for the information you need!
VISIONARY: We see the possibilities of tomorrow without being confined by the challenges of today.
PURSUIT OF HIGHEST QUALITY: We’re committed to bringing the best to you!
INNOVATIVE: We provide Solutions that are both Creative and Practical
COMMITTED TO FAIR AND OPEN COMPETITION: We advocate for equal opportunities in the industry.

WECA's History & Purpose

Western Electrical Contractors Association, Inc. (WECA) is a statewide non-profit organization serving independent/merit shop electrical contractors, their employees and the industry suppliers that support them. 

WECA offers federal- and state-approved Commercial, Residential, and Low Voltage Electrical Apprenticeship, Electrician Trainee and Journeyman Continuing Education Programs, as well as business management courses for contractors and exam prep classes for journeyperson electricians pursuing state certification in California. WECA additionally offers a federal- and state-approved Commercial Electrical Apprenticeship program in Arizona.

These training programs, strong political and public affairs efforts and specialized member services enable WECA to achieve its goal of promoting merit shop electrical contracting as the most valuable, qualified choice for the electrical construction industry.

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