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Renewing your Certification

How to Renew Your Certification

How do I apply for renewal?

To renew your certification, complete and return a renewal application, with payment, to the DAS. On the application, you must show under penalty of perjury that you have worked 2,000 hours in the industry and taken 32 hours of continuing education relevant to the category of certification (general, residential or VDV). The DAS accepts payment only by check or money order payable to: DIR - Electrician Certification Fund. Payment must be included with your renewal form in order for you certification to be renewed. Visit State Forms and Resources to download a renewal form.

When do I have to renew?

A certified electrician must renew his or her certification prior to the expiration date of his or her certification. In most cases, certification expires three years from the effective date.

To find out what your expiration date is, follow the link to Check Electrician Trainee or Journeyman Certification Status and Expiration Date in State Forms and Resources and enter the Certification Number from your card in the Search field at the DAS website and click through to print the Verification statement to show the extended expiration date.

What are the requirements to renew?

To be eligible to apply for renewal of your certification, you must work 2,000 hours in the industry and take 32 hours of continuing education relevant to your category of certification that is being requested in order to renew. Those 2,000 hours in the industry and 32 hours of continuing education must have been completed within three years of the valid date of your certification.

Where can I take my 32 hours of continuing education?

A certified electrician can earn hours toward his or her 32-hour requirement by taking courses from an approved educational provider such as WECA.

Does WECA offer continuing education (CE) courses?

Yes, WECA offers a wide variety of CE courses, including classroom based and online classes, as well as courses on DVD. Choose a continuing education course.

What courses qualify for my continuing education requirement?

Courses that are relevant to the category of electrician certification that is being requested to be renewed qualify for your CE requirement. Current certification categories include general, residential and fire/life/safety, non-residential lighting and voice-data-video (VDV).

Currently, all of WECA’s CE courses are relevant to both the general and residential categories. Many are relevant for low voltage (voice-data-video (VDV) and fire/life/safety (FLS) technicians; check the "low voltage" category in our course catalog for specific recommendations. Call for non-residential lighting continuing education recommendations.

What kind of proof do I need to show I met the requirement of working 2,000 hours in the industry?

On the application form there will be a box to check stating you acquired 2,000 hours in the industry that you must sign under penalty of perjury.

What kind of proof do I need to show that I met the requirement of completing 32 hours of continuing education?

The renewal form includes instructions to attach Certificate(s) of Completion for your required 32 hours of continuing education. 

What do I need to do if my card has expired?

If your card has expired, complete a certification renewal application (mark section II for expired certification) and submit the form with the associated fees to the state to retake the exam. After your certification has expired you will not be recognized as a certified journeyman electrician and must register as an electrician trainee with the state in order to legally work as an electrician in California during the gap between your expiration date and the date you re-take and pass the exam.

What date does DAS use to process renewals to ensure that a certified electrician’s renewal is not expired?

The certification expiration date is the date the card expires.

If the renewal application is submitted on or before the expiration date, what date will be used to determine if the application is accepted or rejected?

DAS considers the postmarked date on the envelope for renewal applications mailed to their office. Renewal applications submitted prior to or on the date of expiration will be accepted.

Who can I call if I have additional questions about renewing my certification?

If you have additional questions, please call us toll-free at (877) 444-9322.