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Friday, May 28, 2021   It's Time to (Safely & Confidently) Save the Date for WECA GRADUATION CEREMONIES!

WECA's 2021 Commencement Ceremonies for our Northern and Southern California Graduating Apprenticeship and Electrician Trainee Program Classes of 2021, as well as special honors for attending 2020 Graduates, will be held on the following dates. Please save the date(s) and watch your WECA communications for more details as these events draw closer!


Friday, May 28, 2021   Catching Up With WECA's Keith Smart to Hear About Apprenticeship Program at Our New AZ Facility

WECA’s Apprenticeship Remote Manager, Instructor and Phoenix training facility head Keith Smart says—quite fittingly—that his favorite part of his career is “Seeing the light bulbs go on! If I can help someone understand a subject they have struggled with, that makes me happy.”
Smart—a seasoned WECA instructor who recently relocated from our Riverside Training Facility to open WECA’s new Phoenix training facility and spearhead the Arizona division of our Commercial Electrical Apprenticeship program—says that his promotion has been both a challenge and a blessing.
“It was an honor being selected for this opportunity. I am filled with excitement being at the beginning stages of a new facility going online. I now see how much work goes into starting a new program for WECA,” says Smart.
And although Smart capably does it all—and excels at it, to boot—he credits Terry Seabury, WECA’s Executive Director and CEO, and Don Black, WECA’s Apprentice Training Director, with helping provide the essentials and support needed to get the Phoenix training facility and the Arizona division of the Commercial Electrical Apprenticeship program up and running.
“Having a great game plan was key,” says Smart. “I was given tremendous help and guidance from Terry and Don. Taking care of facility needs such as maintenance, vendors, furnishings, supplies, class and lab materials, student indenturing, and marketing is just a short list of things involved with building out this new facility.”
Smart also says that although the WECA Commercial Electrical Apprenticeship program is now being taught in a new state in addition to California, he feels that the Arizona version of the program doesn’t drastically differ from the California version. Regardless, he hopes to take this program to new heights in Arizona.
“I hope that WECA Arizona can expand proportionally as large as it has in California and have as strong a presence, so that we can provide Arizona’s top electrical contractors with the best apprenticeship training available,” says Smart.
If the aforementioned is any indication, it sounds like Smart is off to an excellent start in Arizona—both professionally and personally!
“We like it here,” says Smart of himself and his family—including his wife, who he says, “has been a trooper through it all.”
Smart continues, saying that “[Arizona] feels free, and people are generally nicer. It is hot though, but the winters are mild, and spring is perfect!”
And last, but not least, Smart says he’d like to “Thank Terry and Don for considering me for this position. Thanks to Christine for all her help with indenturing. Thanks to Michelle for all the marketing. And thanks to Kim for helping through all the confusing COVID-19 stuff! In general—thanks to WECA!”
Thanks to WECA, indeed! These are excellent sentiments, Keith. We are grateful to have you as part of the WECA Family, spearheading our electrical apprenticeship in Arizona, and wish you the best of luck in your continued efforts! 

Friday, May 28, 2021   WECA Is Actively Indenturing for our Commercial Electrical Apprenticeship Program in Arizona!

Seeking Commercial Electrical Apprenticeship Applicants in Arizona

WECA's apprenticeship programs have been called the best in the west.  High graduation rates; great reviews from apprentices and contractors alike; to-the-point, up-to-date curriculum and on-the-job training; and a dedicated, experienced teaching staff and administration all contribute to the success of these programs.
We're actively seeking applicants for our Commercial Electrical Apprenticeship Training Program in Arizona.

High Demand = Little to No Wait Time for Qualified Applicants.

Each apprentice enrolled in the Commercial Electrical Apprenticeship program works and learns under the supervision of a journeyperson electrician, gaining expertise in such skills as the installation of electrical distribution centers, panel boards, sub panels, conduit systems, motor controls, lighting, fire alarms, green and smart technologies, and temporary wiring in commercial buildings.

A WECA apprentice's school tuition costs are paid by the WECA Member Contractors who employ them. WECA Apprentices attend classes in an accelerated and intensive format consisting of full-time classroom training and hands-on labs for two consecutive weeks every five to seven months. Each two-week session is equal to one semester of classroom instruction. The rest of the time, apprentices are learning on the job...and getting paid to do it! No college debt here. This is the alternative path to a rewarding and well-paying career.
The Commercial Electrical Apprenticeship program in Arizona is a 4-year commitment to classroom and paid on-the-job training. WECA is actively seeking apprentices for our member contractors in Arizona and there is little-to-no wait time for qualified applicants. Learn more and apply today!

Friday, May 28, 2021   WECA's College Credit Recommendation Now Includes New 4-Year Commercial Electrical Program in AZ

WECA Arizona Commercial Electrical Apprenticeship Grads Can Seek College Credits Following Program Completion at WECA

Using This Benefit: A Downloadable Guide for Our Apprentices

The Details

WECA's California Commercial and Residential Electrical apprenticeship programs previously received college credit recommendations from NCCRS (the National College Credit Recommendation Service). WECA is currently undergoing the process of attaining a recommendation for our Low Voltage apprenticeship program and hopes to have exciting news to share on that front, later this year.

New in 2021--the NCCRS has added a recommendation for our four-year Commercial Electrical apprenticeship program in Arizona! Future Arizona program grads will also be able to enjoy this benefit. Learn more about it below:
This benefit provides WECA commercial and residential electrical apprentices the ability to gain access to college credit for completion of either program by using credit recommendations set forth by NCCRS. While admissions and acceptance of transfer credit isn't guaranteed, more than 1,400 colleges and universities nationwide currently consider awarding credit based on NCCRS recommendations.
 "WECA is thrilled to extend this opportunity to our apprentices and graduates," says Terry Seabury, WECA Executive Director and CEO. "We know that some of our graduates choose to pursue additional higher education at traditional colleges and universities in fields such as construction management, and these college credit recommendations from NCCRS may allow them to receive substantial credits for the programs they've already completed at WECA. We view these NCCRS college credit recommendations as further evidence of the educational quality and vigor of our apprenticeship programs."
"NCCRS is pleased to recommend college credit for WECA's commercial and residential electrical apprenticeship courses," NCCRS Director Lisa Sax Mahoney said. "Through our professional evaluations, we continue to support the recognition of high-quality workforce training programs delivered by qualified organizations across the country."
NCCRS, founded in 1973 by the Board of Regents of The University of the State of New York, strives to increase access to higher education through recognition of non-collegiate learning. Using an academic peer review model, NCCRS conducts independent, third-party evaluations of courses and examinations to determine their comparability to college-level learning. Courses and examinations that meet appropriate standards receive college credit recommendations which are listed within CCRS Online, a web directory maintained by NCCRS.
Learn more about NCCRS and view their specific college credit recommendations for WECA, including our new four-year Commercial Electrical apprenticeship program, at: http://www.nationalccrs.org/organizations/western-electrical-contractors.

Using This Benefit: A Quick Q and A for our Future Arizona Program Graduates:

Q: Who is eligible?

A: Any graduates of WECA's Commercial or Residential Electrical Apprenticeships, in California or Arizona, since September of 2013. (NCCRS has granted eligibility going back five years, and evaluated WECA's programs in Autumn of 2018.)

Q: So WECA apprentice grads automatically have college credits?

A:  No. NCCRS makes college credit recommendations. (From NCCRS:
A college credit recommendation is an academic advisement about the comparability of a learning experience to college-level instruction, such as undergraduate or graduate course work, the amount of credit that may be awarded, and areas where credit could apply. The credit recommendations are intended to guide college officials as they consider awarding credit to persons who have successfully completed NCCRS evaluated learning experiences. College credit recommendations are not actual college credit because the New York State Board of Regents does not award college credit. Through the results of the NCCRS evaluations, however, the Board of Regents encourages colleges and universities to consider accepting the credit recommendations.)

Q: How Does Acceptance of College Credit Recommendations work?

A: It is up to the college or university to choose whether to grant college credits, how many, and in what subjects, for completion of a WECA program. NCCRS recommends specific credit amounts and subjects. College and university admissions departments should reference NCCRS' WECA listing at http://www.nationalccrs.org/organizations/western-electrical-contractors for specific recommendations. For our Arizona program, NCCRS recommends up to 61 semester credit hours for completion.

Q: How Do WECA Apprenticeship Graduates Use This Benefit?

A: Apprentices grads should:

1. Identify the college or university they wish to ask to accept a credit recommendation from NCCRS for work completed at WECA. (A list of colleges and universities who have previously participated with NCCRS is here: http://www.nationalccrs.org/colleges-universities. Seeing a college or university on this list is a promising sign that they will consider NCCRS' recommendation, but is not a guarantee. Further, just because a college or university is not yet shown on the list does not mean the apprentice grad shouldn't request that they consider the credit recommendation.)

2. Work with their admissions advisor at their college or university of choice to learn the process for seeking college credits for their WECA apprenticeship program completion. The college or university may refer to this as their PLA (prior learning assessment) process or policy. The applicant should share NCCRS' WECA credit recommendation
http://www.nationalccrs.org/organizations/western-electrical-contractors with the decision-makers at their college or university.

3. Request a transcript from WECA as requested by their college or university. Email apregistrar@goweca.com with transcript requests.

4. If the applicant encounters problems with their transfer credit request, they can submit a Request for Assistance Form to NCCRS so that NCCRS can advocate on the applicant's behalf.

Q: What if I still have questions?

A: Please call us at 1-877-444-9322 and we'll do our best to help you out.

Friday, May 28, 2021   WECA Actively Seeking Low Voltage Apprenticeship Applicants Across California

High demand; short (if any) waitlist times--apply today!

Get the scoop in this one-minute video!

WECA's Low Voltage Apprenticeship Program

Low Voltage Technicians specialize in installing, testing, servicing, and maintaining systems such as fire alarm systems, security systems, intrusion detection, access control, nurse call systems, CCTV, audio, networks, structured cabling systems for copper and fiber, and so much more.

Being accepted into a WECA apprenticeship program means:
  • You get paid to learn on the job
  • Your employer pays for your WECA education
  • When you graduate, you're ready for your career, and you didn't have to take on any student debt

WECA is actively taking Low Voltage Apprentice applicants statewide in California, with little to no waiting period for qualified applicants. Do you have what it takes to succeed in a WECA apprenticeship? Click here to learn more and apply today to start your Apprenticeship journey!


Friday, May 28, 2021   Working Nation Writes Article About WECA Apprenticeship...

...And Comes to the Conclusion It's a Great Opportunity--And More Women Should Pursue It
WECA Graduate Demi Zayas Profiled by the Publication

WECA Commercial Electrical Grad (and 2018 Class Valedictorian) Demi Zayas

"Zayas is trying to make sure that other women and young girls know that apprenticeships are an alternative option to a college degree. “I remember when I was in middle school and high school, four-year degrees were the only option. That was what was put in front of you. That was what was pushed,” says Zayas."

Read the full article!

Friday, May 28, 2021   Seeking Qualified Electrician Instructors for Online Weeknight & Saturday Classes...

...It's the Perfect Side Gig That Doesn't Interfere with Your Primary Job!

We're Experiencing Record Enrollment in Our GetWired! Program and Our Need for Additional Part-Time Instructors Just Keeps Growing

If you're a certified electrician or C-10 contractor (or a retired one, on either front), we've got a great opportunity for you: become a part-time, online WECA instructor on weeknights and Saturdays! It's the perfect side gig to complement your day job (or keep your skills sharp in your retirement), and you can bring in some extra cash sharing your expertise with the next generation of electricians in California.

Teach for WECA's GetWired! electrician training program from the comfort of home (with the option to also teach in-person Saturday labs).

Review the job listing and apply here.

Not yet qualified, but interested in completing your education and becoming a certified electrician in California--and maybe teaching for us some day in the future? Find out why the GetWired! Program, culminating in WECA's Electrician Trainee Program Certificate, is training thousands of students across California, with more enrolling every day.

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