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Basic Motor Controls, Part 2
Build on what you learned in Basic Motor Controls, Part 1 by getting further hands-on experience building control circuits for motors.

Recommended Prerequisite for Electrician Trainees: GET WIRED! 100 & 200 Series, 301, 302, 401, BMC 1 Strongly Advised

In the lab-based course, Basic Motor Controls, Part 2, working on a motor controls training board with up to one other student partner, you will learn about and gain experience with:
  • Sequential starting of multiple motors
  • Control relays and their common applications
  • Timers and timing logic, for example, on delay, off delay, etc.

Students who complete the course successfully receive a Certificate of Completion showing hours of attendance. This course is worth 16 hours of continuing education credit.

While WECA makes best efforts to run all scheduled classes, classes are subject to cancellation or postponement if urgent or unforeseen circumstances necessitate that outcome.

  • Total class hours available: 16
  • Standard Tuition Fee: $229
  • Late Tuition Fee: $279

PLEASE REVIEW THE REQUIRED COURSE MATERIALS LIST for this course to ensure you have the correct textbooks/course materials.

Minimum Points and Hours: To earn credit hours for this course, students are required to attend a minimum number of course hours and earn a minimum number of points. Zero (0) credit hours will be awarded if the minimum attendance and/or minimum points are not met. See the points and hours matrix for specific requirements for this course.

This course is included in the WECA Electrician Trainee Certificate Path. View the path and your options at the link.

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06/08/2024 06/15/2024 Rancho Cordova Class Schedule * Sign-up Form Sign-up Online**
06/08/2024 06/15/2024 San Diego Class Schedule * Sign-up Form Sign-up Online**
09/14/2024 09/21/2024 Rancho Cordova Class Schedule * Sign-up Form Sign-up Online**
09/14/2024 09/21/2024 San Diego Class Schedule * Sign-up Form Sign-up Online**
* This course includes classes that are conducted on one or more Saturdays and/or Sundays. Students will be notified of their scheduled class time within one week of the class start date for class days displayed without class times.
** You must be paying by credit card to sign-up online.

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