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Solar Power for Electricians (16 hour course)(2020 NEC Edition)

Recommended Prerequisite for Electrician Trainees: Some experience, such as the GetWired! 101-104 series or equivalent. Other Recommendations: Though not required, the self-paced WECA course “Faultless,” which focuses on properly selecting and installing the correct electrical circuit components and conductors needed for different load and circuit configurations, is recommended as a prerequisite for Journeymen and ETs both. “Faultless” is available as a standalone course and is also included in Get Wired! 304.

In this course, you'll learn about photovoltaic systems, both residential and commercial, and their safe installation in compliance with the National Electrical Code. This course includes array configurations and electrical design characteristics for grid-tied Photovoltaic (PV) systems but also covers equipment essential to understanding all types of PV systems, including systems incorporating back-up energy and energy storage sources. This course addresses PV system installations from the perspective of the 2020 National Electrical Code (NEC), including but not limited to: interconnection requirements and calculations; disconnect requirements; overcurrent protection; and wire sizing and grounding requirements, applicable to all types and sizes of PV installations. This course can be taken as an introductory course or as a gateway for those seeking to advance their knowledge in the solar industry.

Course Lessons Include:
  • Solar Electricity Fundamentals
  • Photovoltaic Electrical Connections
  • Solar Panel Electrical Ratings
  • Types of Photovoltaic Systems
  • Solar Energy “The Electrical Code”
  • Sizing Photovoltaic Circuits
  • Photovoltaic Systems with Backup Power
This course is not supported on mobile devices including the iPad or iPhone.

All course hours must be completed within 90 days of purchase to receive credit. You will not be notified when your self-paced course is about to expire, and it is your responsibility to keep track of your course expiration/due date.

A 2020 NEC Code Book is required when taking this course. You may utilize one of the suggested resources in the textbook list located in the forms and resources section of the WECA website or any other sources to order the NEC.

Log on instructions will be sent by the preferred method of contact chosen during the class registration process. Please allow one business day for order processing and access to the course.

The course tuition is not refundable or transferable.

  • Total class hours available: 16
  • Standard Tuition Fee: $199

Minimum Points and Hours: To earn credit hours for this course, students are required to attend a minimum number of course hours and earn a minimum number of points. Zero (0) credit hours will be awarded if the minimum attendance and/or minimum points are not met. See the points and hours matrix for specific requirements for this course.

Self-Paced System Requirements: For the WECA eCampus website to run properly on your computer, please make sure to review the Self-Paced System Requirements. A valid email address is required at the time of sign-up.

Some students choose to take this course on mobile devices including the iPad or iPhone. WECA cannot guarantee course functionality and compatibility with all mobile devices and suggests that students have access to a traditional computer as backup. WECA cannot provide technical support for mobile devices..

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