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Announcing a New WECA Member Benefit A new "Toolbox Talk" safety sheet in your inbox every Monday

Thursday, February 11, 2021


We know how seriously our members take the Cal/OSHA Workplace Injury and Illness Prevention Program guideline of presenting a "Toolbox Talk" on a safety topic to their team members on the job site on at least a weekly basis.

WECA educates its apprentices, as well as its advanced electrician trainees and journeyperson continuing education students taking the capstone/foremanship course of our GetWired! program, on the skills involved in delivering effective safety talks. They all receive the opportunity to practice this key leadership skill with their peers.

Today, we're introducing a new member benefit to additionally assist you in providing these Toolbox Talks on the job site. Starting Monday, February 15th, we'll be sending you a new Toolbox Talk/Safety Topic Sheet every week. (We're going to send you five to start, and then we'll start rotating in a new one each subsequent Monday.)

We hope you'll find this new benefit helpful, and that we can lessen the work and research involved in planning your safety talks each week. Watch for the first installment on Monday the 15th! (Or don't, if it's a holiday for you--we promise it will still be there waiting for you on Tuesday.)