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WECA Industry Partner Border States Electrical Supply donates to our Phoenix Training Facility

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Want to see your company's name in lights and help make WECA's premier electrical industry education possible? Learn more below!

WECEF's 2020-21 Lab Donation Scoreboard continues to amass generous monetary and physical donations! New WECA Industry Partner Border States Electrical Supply recently (and generously!) donated 7,000 feet of 1/2" EMT conduit along with rigid and PVC conduit to WECA's Apprenticeship program at our new Phoenix Training Facility.

"These materials are essential for our Apprentices to practice the very bending techniques they will use in the field. The sheer volume of the donation ensures that our Apprentices will have the materials they need to master the various bends and feel assured they will be successful in their next conduit bending assignment on the job site," said Keith Smart, WECA's Arizona Apprenticeship Program Manager and Instructor.

As always, we're grateful for the support of our lab material donors, who help make our seamless delivery of electrical industry education in California and Arizona possible.

The year's only begun, and we eagerly anticipate more generous donations to our Lab Donation Scoreboard. If you would you like to help WECA deliver a cutting-edge and immersive electrical industry education in California and Arizona, here's your chance! Click on the image above to be redirected to WECEF's Lab Donation Scoreboard page and view "wish lists" for our respective educational programs. Besides the satisfaction of contributing to the bright futures of WECA Apprentices and Electrician Trainees, donors will get to see their "name in lights" on our Scoreboard!

Thank you in advance to our donors--the learning experiences of our apprentices and students are greatly enhanced with your support.