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Thursday, March 26, 2020   WECA at Forefront of Online Electrical Education Since 2007

Dear WECA Learning Community,

     At this time when so many educational institutions in California, including WECA, are transitioning to online-only education for the foreseeable future, we wanted to take this moment to reassure you that you can continue your education with WECA without interruption. WECA's been at the forefront of providing electrical education online since 2007. We have many years of experience with this, and whether you're an apprentice attending a newly-online class for the first time, or an electrician trainee or journeyman education student who's been taking our GetWired! or online self-paced classes from home all along, please know that we are committed to providing you with an excellent platform for online learning, and have the experience to back up that promise.

 The WECA Team

Thursday, March 26, 2020   Important Online Apprenticeship Class Information for Apprentices

Essential information for apprentices with upcoming scheduled courses:

For those apprentices already attending a class in session which began March 16th: 
  • WECA is currently delivering week two of your class online. 
  • These classes are instructor-led, in real-time. Your class days and times remain exactly the same as if you were attending in person.
  • Continue to keep a close watch on your email and listen to your instructor for further instructions.
For those apprentices who have a class beginning the week of March 23rd, March 30th, or April 6th:
  • Your class will be rescheduled for a future date. You'll be notified of your rescheduled dates as soon as possible.
For those apprentices who have a class beginning the week of April 13th or later:
  • WECA intends to deliver your apprenticeship classes online, until such time as the COVID-19 threat recedes and the classroom learning experience can be resumed.
  • You will attend your classes remotely, online, instructor-led, in real-time. Your class days and times will remain exactly the same as if you were attending in person.
  • You will be notified of your online class login and other remote access instructions as soon as possible, prior to the start date of your class. 

Thursday, March 26, 2020   Important Online Class Information for Electrician Trainees, Journeymen, and General Students

Please review the information below for changes to upcoming onsite lab scheduling and in-person classroom courses, in response to the growing spread of COVID-19 in California.
The good news for Trainees and Journeyman enrolled in our programs is that most of our class delivery is already online. 

Online classes will continue to be delivered as scheduled with no interruption, including all evening GetWired classes. Alternate arrangements are offered for onsite lab days; please read below for details specific to courses running in April.
For those students currently enrolled in GetWired 301, with a lab day scheduled for Saturday, April 3rd. 
  • Your lab, an introduction to commercial blueprint reading, will be conducted entirely online.
  • Your lab date and times remain identical.
  • WECA will send you confirmation of your login instructions for your remote lab.
For those students currently enrolled in GetWired 102, with a lab day scheduled for Saturday April 25th. 
  • We will be delivering your lab experience online.
  • Your lab date and times will remain identical.
  • WECA will send you confirmation of your login instructions for your remote lab and other details shortly.
For those students enrolled in the classroom-based Two Day Exam Prep on April 18th in Rancho Cordova or Riverside. 
  • WECA is cancelling these class instances.
  • You may transfer into an upcoming Two Day Exam Prep instance with no transfer fees.
  • You may also transfer into an upcoming GetWIred 404 Exam prep instance with no transfer fees and at no additional cost. (GetWired 404 is entirely online and delves even more deeply into preparation for the State certification exam).
  • You may request a full refund.
For those students enrolled in Basic Motor Controls Part 1 in Rancho Cordova, beginning April 25th, or Basic Motor Controls Part 2 in San Diego, beginning April 25th:
  • WECA is cancelling these class instances.
  • You may transfer into an upcoming Basic Motor Controls instance with no transfer fees.
  • You may request a full refund.
WECA has suspended sales of its DVD/Textbook-based home study courses. All online home study courses will remain available.

Thursday, March 26, 2020   Check Out Our Advisory Page for the Latest on WECA's Response to COVID-19

We've created a COVID-19 Advisory page outlining WECA's response to the California Stay-at-Home mandate, and how we're working to ensure that the mandate disrupts your educational experience as little as possible. Please check it often for up-to-date information on how and when we're taking our apprenticeship classes online, how WECA GetWired labs will be conducted online, and more. 

Thursday, March 26, 2020   Behind-the-Scenes On Our Rapid Conversion to Online Apprenticeship During COVID-19 Threat

For our apprenticeship classes which began the week of March 16th, we had a rapid and timely conversion to online delivery for Week 2, starting this past Monday the 23rd! Luckily, WECA has been working for some time, at the direction of our Apprenticeship Training Trust Board of Trustees, to increase our use of technology in the classroom and increase the flexibility of our curriculum. This foresight paid off this month as we were ready to go to take already-running classes online. We're going to work out a few of the finer details over the next few weeks, and then resume running apprenticeship classes as scheduled--but entirely online--the week of April 13th. You can get up-to-date details on scheduling for affected classes on our 
COVID-19 Advisory Page

Meanwhile, here are a couple of fun selfies from our Apprenticeship Instructors Keith Smart and Neil Pesarillo and their respective classes, as well as a screenshot of online quizzing, from this week. We appreciate their efforts as the first instructors to teach those online apprenticeship classes this week!


Thursday, March 26, 2020   Seeking COVID-19 Resources? See What the California Employment Development Department Has to Say!

Do you have questions about layoffs, disability, reduced work hours, etc., during the COVID-19 situation? While WECA can't offer specific guidance on your unique situation, this resource -- courtesy of the California Employment Development Department -- may be helpful to you. 

Thursday, March 26, 2020   Laid Off and Looking for Work Due to COVID-19? WECA's Job Board Is Here to Help You

Have you been laid off -- and are now seeking employment -- due to COVID-19? WECA is here for you with our Electrical and Low Voltage Industry Job Board. 

Wondering how it works? Simply post your resume to the WECA Job Board, or view open positions posted by our Member Contractors. This Job Board is designed to help connect individuals seeking employment in the electrical and low voltage industry with the contractors who want to hire them.

Our Job Board exists for...

Low Voltage Technicians,
Electrician Trainees and Journeymen,
Industry employees (including office personnel!),
and the Member Contractors who want to hire them. 

Search Open Positions Today

Thursday, March 26, 2020   Information Regarding WECA Insurance for Commercial Apprentices

Commercial Apprentices - Please review the following information and reminders regarding your insurance benefits:
  • Please review your Hour Bank balance online by logging into your account at www.goweca.com. You can review your current balance by accessing your Apprentice Hour Bank Report.
  • Keep in mind that 130 hours banked are equal to one month of insurance coverage
  • Once the hours in your hour bank become less than 130, you will be notified by WECA and will be offered COBRA from our third party administrator, Infinisource. You may elect COBRA for medical, dental, and vision insurance for yourself and your dependents.  Please contact Cindy Cormier, WECA's Insurance Administrator, at ccormier@goweca.com or via phone at (916) 453-0112 ext. 117, for information regarding COBRA rates.

Thursday, March 26, 2020   Calling All Certified Electricians -- Seeking Part-Time Instructors to Teach Evenings Online

Make a Difference in Your Industry.

Teaching Others Online is a Rewarding Opportunity.

Experienced, certified electricians (including the recently retired!) who:
  • Are natural leaders and teachers
  • Enjoy learning more about the field all the time
  • Enjoy sharing knowledge about all things electrical with a new generation of prospective electricians
  • Want to earn more money in the evening, without having to leave home
We'd be excited to have you join our team and help us in developing the workforce for our industry! 

Part-Time instructors for our GetWired! programs teach weeknights online (and will also have the option of teaching occasional Saturday labs at our training facilities, once we resume in-person labs.)
View the job posting and application details here to learn more and apply today.

Thursday, March 26, 2020   PSI Test Sites Closed: Information on Rescheduling Your Certification Exam

From PSI:

The health and safety of our employees, clients, and candidates is of utmost importance to PSI. We have an internal task force that now meets each business day to monitor the situation with Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), and we are in close communication with our testing partners around the world.

Test Site Closures

As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to spread throughout the communities where we live and work, in order to continue to help protect the health and safety of our candidates, clients, and employees, we have made the difficult decision to temporarily close our owned and operated physical test centers in the United States starting end of day March 19, and in the United Kingdom starting end of day March 20, until April 13.

We also continue to monitor all our partner sites around the world 
and adhere to closures based on country and local requirements.

Read the full message from PSI CEO, Steve Tapp.

View a full listing of test site closures.


Effective immediately, candidates can reschedule up to and including the day of testing at no penalty and no documentation required. NOTE: In most cases, candidates can reschedule their examinations on-line and they are encouraged to do so. If a candidate chooses to reschedule through our candidate support call center, they may experience longer than usual wait times under the current circumstances.

Candidates that are a part of an eligibility program will be provided guidance if a new eligibility is required in order to reschedule and how to obtain it.

We are obtaining guidance from our client to support candidates who must test within a specified period and how we are able to accommodate them.
  • All reschedule rules and no show policies are relaxed through April 30th.
  • If you are unable to make your exam and you are reported as a no-show you will be allowed to reschedule at no cost.
  • In the event that there are restrictions based on eligibility periods or test windows we will work on options with your examination sponsor.
  • Candidates are encouraged to reschedule on-line. If a candidate chooses to reschedule through PSI's Candidate Call Center, they can expect to have longer than usual wait times. Call Centers are open: 4:30 a.m.-7:00 p.m. PDT M-F, 6:00 a.m.-2:30 p.m. PDT Sat-Sun

Tuesday, February 25, 2020   GetWired! Instructor Spotlight: Bill Garr

At WECA, we pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive electrical industry education - thanks in no small part to our talented, knowledgeable, and passionate instructors. And we think that Bill Garr - third-generation electrician, Santa Rosa native, and one of our many talented GetWired! instructors - perfectly embodies these sentiments.

"I was highly interested in teaching for a long time due to the fact that WECA has the facilities and resources to reach out to the industry and instruct with great teachers, coupled with how awe-inspiring working with raw energy and construction truly is."

Garr states that as a teacher, he loves that he "gets to interact with and show my passion and excitement for electrical theory, construction and science; reach multiple people at any given time online and in the labs, and that having the classes taught online coupled with the availability of the hands-on labs makes it [our curriculum] available for everyone on a personal basis."

That, and Garr simply just loves "teaching electrical theory and code, which leads to helping people be better at what they do. My goal is to educate and inspire electricians, so that we leave and build a better place for all."

It is, after all, in his blood.

"My grandfather and father were both electricians," said Garr. "I first attended community college for general education credits toward an AA, and then I was a caretaker to my grandparents [along] with my father for a few years. After that, I joined WECA, took all the required Electrician Trainee (ET) courses, and received my Electrician Trainee program certificate through WECA."

And it shows - Garr lists two crucial traits for electricians: curious and always learning - in his personal philosophy. But he also espouses the importance of being humble, respectful, honest, adventurous, and thankful for all opportunities.

When not educating and inspiring the next generation of California's merit shop electricians, Garr partakes in an impressive repertoire of hobbies like practicing instinctual traditional archery, fly fishing, playing computer games, enjoying the outdoors with his dog, and working out at the gym.

Thank you, Bill, for being part of the WECA family and for continuing your family's proud tradition of working in the electrical industry, as well as WECA's proud tradition of counting alumni among its most dedicated instructors. We are thrilled to have a talented and well-rounded individual such as yourself on our team!

Tuesday, February 25, 2020   Congratulations to the 2020 WECEF Scholarship Winners!


Please join us in congratulating the 2020 WECEF Scholarship winners!

WECEF was gratified to receive untold numbers of scholarship applications, and ultimately awarded 38 scholarships -- totaling $14,125 -- to eight Electrician Trainees and 30 apprentices.

"In all the years we have reviewed applicants' essays, these were some of the best and seemed heartfelt and genuine," said Terry Seabury, Executive Director and CEO of WECA. "They are certainly well-deserved appreciation and comments for our instructors and how they are helping people's lives and careers. There is no doubt in my mind that we are making a difference and are the best!"

From all of us at WECA, congratulations to all the winners. Your awards are well-deserved, and we cannot wait to see all that you accomplish with a WECA education! 

Click here to view the full list of the 2020 WECEF Scholarship winners.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020   Think The WECA Electrician Trainee Program Might Be the Right Fit for You? Learn More!

Are you interested in becoming an electrician, but aren't sure if WECA's Apprenticeship programs are right for you? We've got you covered with our Electrician Trainee program.

WECA's state-approved Electrician Trainee program is available to students throughout the state of California. All classes are exclusively taught online by experienced electrical industry professionals.

That's right -- you get the best of both worlds with a variety of online courses (taken in the evenings from the comfort of your home) and one to two hands-on, instructor-led lab days (held on weekends) at your nearest WECA training facility. 

The Electrician Trainee program also offers shorter self-paced online course options that Electrician Trainees can take to supplement their program coursework. While these courses are not required, they can be used to make up missed hours or fill the gaps between classes -- allowing you to maintain your Electrician Trainee registration with the state of California.

Want to learn more, or enroll? Click here! 

Tuesday, February 25, 2020   Take Your First -- and Best! -- Step Toward a Rewarding Career Career as a Low Voltage Technician!

Do you enjoy the technical or analytical side of things?

If so, a career as a Low Voltage Technician is a great choice! WECA is seeking applications statewide for our Low Voltage apprenticeship program.

Wondering what, exactly, a Low Voltage Technician does? Great question!

Low Voltage Technicians specialize in installing, testing, servicing, and maintaining systems such as:
  • fire alarm systems
  • security systems
  • nurse call systems
  • voice evacuation systems
  • very early smoke detection apparatuses
  • open-area smoke imaging detection systems
  • cable and satellite TV
  • the Internet
  • home entertainment systems
  • landline phone networks
  • and more!
The possibilities are nearly endless.

And at WECA, we can help you -- or someone you know -- achieve a fast-paced, satisfying career as a Low Voltage Technician.

Apply today to start your Low Voltage Apprenticeship journey!

Have questions? Contact Wendy Flanagan, Assistant Director of Apprenticeship, via phone at 877-444-9322, ext. 145, or via email at wflanagan@goweca.com.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020   Celebrate Women in Construction Week with Us: Stay Tuned for Relevant Social Media Content!

March 1 - 7 is Women in Construction Week, and WECA is celebrating accordingly with social media coverage of all things women in construction!

Follow us on social media as we shine the spotlight on awesome female Apprentices and Electrician Trainees at WECA, share some fun facts about women in construction, feature photos of our female Apprentices and Electrician Trainees in the classroom and on-the-job, and more!

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