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WECA Training Facilties

Three Training Facilities Across California

WECA Membership
Faultless Solar and Perfect Sizing

Two online, self-paced 32 hour

Journeyman Continuing Education

courses, perfect for

Faultless Solar & Perfect Sizing

WECA Apprenticeship

Apprenticeship: Paid, On-the-Job Training.

WECA Trades

When you choose a career

in the trades, the world is your office.

Service Technician General Residential

New Course!

Service Technician - General Residential

16 hours. Online, at your own pace.

GetWired Program for Electrician Trainees
VDV EP and FLS Exam Preparation

Fire Life Safety Exam Prep & Voice Data Video Exam Prep

2 unique courses, 32 hours each, all online, on your own time

WECA Electrician Trainee Program
WECA Spotlights
WECA Solar Electrician Training

Who We Are

Western Electrical Contractors Association, Inc. (WECA), is a statewide nonprofit organization serving merit shop electrical contractors, their employees and the industry suppliers that support them.

What We Do

WECA offers strong political and public affairs efforts, networking, specialized member services, training, and workforce development in an effort to achieve its goal of promoting merit shop electrical contracting as the most valuable, qualified choice for the electrical construction industry.

WECA offers federal and state-approved Commercial, Residential, and Low Voltage (Voice Data Video and Fire Life Safety) Electrical Apprenticeship programs, an Electrician Trainee program, certification exam preparation classes, continuing education classes for journeymen, and workforce development to the electrical and low voltage fields.

WECA additionally shares its expertise by producing curriculum products and publications for the industry.


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